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Top 5 useful applications and devices for the baby’s first year

Top 5 useful applications and devices for the baby's first year
Techno tools for parents to take care of their baby children.

Technology offers different alternatives so that parents, especially first-time parents, have tools to support themselves in this process.

Although surely in the past grandparents fulfilled the care of their children without technological gadgets, being present in the market today, why not take advantage of them and improve this first stage.


The first recommendation is a mobile application that is used for the entire process because it offers tips to understand the growth of a baby.

Among its functions such as physical activity exercises, therapies and tutorials, the highlights are the tips they give each month to understand the stage of the child. These texts, which usually arrive by email, describe in a very good way the moment that the minor is experiencing, explaining why he reacts in such a way, the achievements that he should be achieving, how to walk or eat.

This is especially key for new parents, because babies are a mystery and finding tips that better explain what’s going on is a relief.


This tool is important to take care of babies and make parents more comfortable.

The device usually has several functions, mainly to sterilize the bottles or the pacifier. It is a simpler process than heating water and cleaning them, so sterilization can be done in the room or in the room more easily.

Some of these devices also allow you to keep bottles warm or even cook eggs.

The sterilizer is a very useful tool to take care of the baby care implements.

Radio and surveillance camera

By having such short sleep phases, they can wake up two or three times at night and that is why it is important to be aware of them.

These devices will allow you to hear and see what is happening in the room. Some have night vision and others are barely audio. There are many options depending on budget and needs.

A breast pump is comfortable for the mother and effective.

breast pump

Previously, moms expressed milk manually, but now there is a device that makes the process much easier and less painful. They work with a cordless battery or connected to an outlet, drawing milk directly into the bottle.

Some have different suction speeds or to do the process on both breasts at the same time. It is more comfortable for the mother and makes the process more agile.

Night light or smart bulb

This is a tool that can be very useful for the first year, but it will not stop being functional when the baby grows up.

Many of the minors cannot sleep with light or need it, that is why this type of light bulb allows them to adapt to different brightnesses remotely, without the need for parents to go to the room to turn it off.

They can also be linked with a voice assistant, from Google or Amazon, to turn them off or modify their intensity from afar.

Some night lights are also accompanied by an audio system, which allows you to play soothing sounds to put the baby to sleep.

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