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Top 5 Settings and Features to Improve the Netflix Experience

The cheap Netflix plan will not be available on all devices. Here the complete list.

Netflix it still has a lot of content for someone to decide to stay as a subscriber. That is why TechMarkup will show some Simple Netflix settings and features that can enhance the user experience.


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Note that these tips and tricks are so good that they should be considered for other streaming services that the reader subscribes to as a recommendation. Not all services are identical, but similar setups are likely to be found on Netflix’s competitors.

1. Explore hidden categories


Netflix has a wide variety of content to watch, the point is to find exactly what you are looking for and, above all, identify some options that are not so visible.

For that you can use the ‘secret codes’, which are certain numbers that when entered in the URL take the user to different subcategories within the platform.

To access this content, simply enter the following in the URL address: and then add the code in question. By doing so, the page will redirect the user to the specific genre to be explored.

So, for example, if you write you will see a list of classic movies.

Netflix secret codes. (photo: The Truth News)
Netflix secret codes. (photo: The Truth News)

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2. Set a PIN for a profile

Not many users know, but you can block access to a Netflix profile with a PIN. Well yes, that’s right and it’s as simple as following the steps below:

– Gonna Bill and look for the option Profile Lock.

– Click on Change and establish a PIN for the profile.

– Make sure it’s something you can remember, but not easy for others at home.

PIN on Netflix. (photo: ABC of Seville)
PIN on Netflix. (photo: ABC of Seville)

3. Put together a custom listing

The platform offers the option of creating a personalized list with the content that the user wishes to add. To make use of this option, just click on the name of the series or movie in question and click on the option ‘My list’.

In this way, all the content that you want to see later is saved in a section. It can also be used every time someone recommends a title to watch. It is saved in this kind of ‘help memory’ and then everything will appear in one place.

"My list" allows to save there all the content that the user selects
“My list” allows to save there all the content that the user selects

4. Netflix Shortcuts for PC Streaming

This Netflix trick is something that all subscribers who use laptops and computers to watch Netflix movies and series should know. These are not Netflix settings that can be changed, as they are already integrated into the web application. But, of course they are very useful shortcuts:

– Space/Enter: pause and play video.

– Touch the right/left arrow key: move forward or backward 10 seconds through the content.

– Press and hold the right/left arrow key: skip forward and backward in 10-second intervals.

– Up/down arrow key: volume up and down.

– M key: mute and unmute.

– F key: activates and deactivates the full screen.

– S key: skips the introduction.

Keyboard shortcuts for Netflix. (photo: Pinterest)
Keyboard shortcuts for Netflix. (photo: Pinterest)

5. Stop Netflix Trailers from Autoplaying

This configuration is not unimportant even if it is at the end. It is something that surely many want to have in their Netflix account. It is really annoying that, without entering a movie or series, the trailer or trailer is automatically played.

Well, you can stop Netflix trailers from autoplaying on all devices. To activate it you have to:

– Go to Bill.

– Find the same icon of account in Profile and parental control.

– Touch the down arrow and select Change for option Playback settings.

– Deselect the option Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices

Do not automatically play a content. (Photo: Netflix/Account/Jose Arana)
Do not automatically play a content. (Photo: Netflix/Account/Jose Arana)

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