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Top 5 Latin artists who preferred streaming platforms to show their concerts

Singers who have used digital platforms to perform concerts. (photo: Composition/Jose Arana)

Sstreaming services What DirecTV, star plus, Youtube Y Amazon continue to thrive to improve their entire musical offer with exclusive series of concerts with the most important artists in the world, including renowned Latin American singers such as Maluma, tini either Carlos Vives.

These are the 5 singers who have used the different streaming platforms to perform their concerts with thousands of fans through the screens.

1. Maluma

In April of this year, Amazon Music announced that it would broadcast live Medal on the map, a presentation of the Colombian singer. Thus, fans around the world were able to watch it live on Prime Video and from the Amazon Music channel at twitch. The presentation was available in more than 240 countries and territories.

Likewise, on May 26, the platform launched EP: Medal On The Map, a concert recorded live at the Atanasio Girardot stadium in Medellín, Maluma’s hometown.

The EP, to date, is exclusively available on Amazon Music and includes the songs: ‘Felices los 4′, ’11PM’, ‘ADMV’, ‘Sobrio’ and ‘Acá entre nos’, which was in collaboration with pipe good Y Firm Group.

The Tour Diaries - Maluma - Amazon Music.  (photo: Music Beat News)
The Tour Diaries – Maluma – Amazon Music. (photo: Music Beat News)


Argentine singer, Tini Stoessel, ended his 2022 tour in Buenos Aires having as a special guest Rodrigo dePaul, your current partner. Subscribers on the Star Plus and Disney Plus platforms can now watch a new episode on Star Live.

The fans vibrated with great guests, such as Tiago PZK, With whom did you present the topic? ‘The last Kiss’ Y ‘Airbag’, and who together later sang the Argentine national anthem to receive different world champion soccer players such as their already mentioned partner, and their partner on the playing field Leandro Paredes.

But these platforms aren’t just taking advantage of the concert boom. For example, in the case of Tini and Star Plus, a interview exclusive than Lizardo Ponce he did to the Buenos Aires woman before appearing on the show. It should be noted that this concert by the Argentine singer can be seen through the platform for 60 days.

Rodrigo De Paul wrote a tender message to Tini after his show (Photo: Instagram)
Rodrigo De Paul wrote a tender message to Tini after his show (Photo: Instagram)

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3. Carlos Vives

It is well known that Carlos Vives He is one of the Colombian artists who has marked an era. The 61-year-old artist continues to fill Latin American souls with joy, so much so that in July of this year he announced ‘Cumbiana Tour’which was carried out on twenty-one Y 22 from October in Bogota.

The singer from Santa Marta sang songs like ‘Cumbiana’, ‘Volví a nacer’, ‘Baloncito viejo’, ‘La bicicleta’, ‘Carito’, ‘Hijo del Vallenato’ and ‘Fruta fresca’, among many others, and that Today they are exclusively available at DGO (DirectTV).

In addition, the aforementioned company has published a documentary called ‘The Lost World of the Cumbiano’, in which you can see how was the whole process of creating the album ‘Cumbiana’.

Carlos Vives at the 'Cumbiana Tour' concert at the Movistar Arena.  (Photo: Colprensa/Camila Díaz)
Carlos Vives at the ‘Cumbiana Tour’ concert at the Movistar Arena. (Photo: Colprensa/Camila Díaz)

4.Kendrick Lamar

This man, for those of you who don’t know him, is an American rapper. He has been named “the leading voice of a generation” by other musicians such as Drake and also by certain music analysts. In addition, he is well recognized in the North American country for his lyrics, since he narrates about his experiences and problems within the african american culture.

On October 22, kendrick lamar performed a concert in Parisas part of his tour The Big Steppers Tour, which was broadcast exclusively via streaming through Amazon Music Y Prime Video. The event was held with the presentation of his album ‘Good kid, mAAd city’, which, by the way, according to Rolling Stone magazine, is the “best concept album in history”.

Kendrick Lamar at his The Big Steppers Tour concert.  (photo: Prime Video)
Kendrick Lamar at his The Big Steppers Tour concert. (photo: Prime Video)

5. Anuel AA

In the Amazon Music Live Stage series, December 1, 2022 anuel aa He was the first Latino artist to participate performing his famous song ‘She wants to drink’. The show, which took place in Los Angeles, United States, and was broadcast live by Prime Videobroke some records, according to his statements via instagram.

Thank you to all the fans who watched me live on Amazon Music and Prime Video last night. We broke audience records, apart from being the only Latino among all the artists who have done this concert”, said the Puerto Rican on the social network of Goal.

Anuel AA.  (Photo: Amazon Music Live)
Anuel AA. (Photo: Amazon Music Live)

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