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Top 5 free courses to learn about SEO or web positioning

SEO courses.  (photo: YouTube)
SEO courses. (photo: YouTube)

Get a website to appear among the first search results of the main search engines in Internet it’s all a science. We are talking about a job that requires a strong investment of time, technique and adaptation to the continuous changes in algorithms that occur in search engines.

Therefore, the training received 3 or 5 years ago will not be enough to respond to the new demands of the labor market, which implies constantly being updated to guarantee the permanence, popularity and success of an Internet site.

Due to the aforementioned, TechMarkup shares a compilation of 5 free online SEO courses that will help anyone to improve the positioning of their website:

1. Free SEO Course for Beginners and Free Technical SEO Course

Luis Villanueva is a world reference of Web Positioning. He is an SEO Consultant at Webpositer, an Online Marketing Agency from Alicante. He is also a professor and participates in Digital Marketing and SEO conferences in Latin America. With Luis you will be able to learn everything about SEO, in addition to being aware of the latest developments in SEO Positioning.

In this case You can opt for two free SEO courses. If you have just discovered SEO, it is better to sign up for the course for beginners and if finally this world is to your personal liking, continue with the technical course to take the step to the next level.

The beginners course consists of:

– 12 video lessons.

– A bonus.

– A glossary of SEO concepts.

– A direct end of questions and answers.

– An exam at the end of the course.

By registering you will be able to access the private platform with all classes and additional information. Each class will open on its corresponding dates (notifications will be received by mail) and can also be seen at Youtube but 48 hours after the publication of each class, without the attached documentation and without the additional information of the private area.

Also, people you can ask any questions you have through YouTube comments and Luis will answer on his YouTube channel. Telegram.

Free online SEO courses
Free online SEO courses

2. Free SEO course for beginners

Lucia Rico count with one SEO course for beginners consisting of 8 classes and a bonus. It is focused for rookies in web positioning and its objective is to explain the fundamental aspects of SEO and help improve the positioning of the web through a simple language “no weird words”as Lucia herself says.

Each class is accompanied by a video and a PDF, plus some diagrams to help understand certain concepts. You can easily follow the classes on YouTube or thanks to the emails which will be received periodically with additional information.

Free online SEO courses
Free online SEO courses

3. SEO Course of Web Positioning

Here is a different alternative if you prefer video training. On the website of Romuald Fons you can access your free SEO course with explanatory videos from his YouTube channel.

In addition, each section includes the transcript of the video and a dictionary (both on the blog and on YouTube) of concepts related to SEO that are quite complete and explained in a short and easy way. The course is structured as follows:

– What is SEO?

– How to choose the perfect domain for your website.

– Which domains rank best for SEO?

– SEMRUSH free to position your website.

– Free and quality hosting.

– Complete WordPress tutorial in Spanish 2018.

– The best plugins for WordPress 2018.

– How to search and find keywords for the articles on your website.

– How to create a silo architecture and URL logic.

– What is web browsing by clusters and how it works.

– How to gain more traffic with an optimized Home SEO.

– How to position a website in Google.

– The best Interlinking guide ever.

Free online SEO courses
Free online SEO courses

4. Free SEO Course

This course is focused on improving the positioning of blogs, websites and online stores to increase visits. You can easily learn innovative techniques and basic aspects of SEO. It can be found on the website of the SEO expert Borja Giron.

It is addressed to SEO newbies, bloggers, entrepreneurs and ecommerce owners. Just you must subscribe to access the course. 5 classes will be received by email, in addition to more than 30 updated videos.

Free online SEO courses
Free online SEO courses

5. SEO Course

To access this course you need to subscribe with an email. Once done, all chapters will be received. It is interesting for people with no, little or medium knowledge about SEO Positioning.

Daniel Bocardo ensures that with his course anyone can learn step by step and gradually. So, it will be a matter of trying this or any other option that has been mentioned in the article.

Free online SEO courses
Free online SEO courses

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