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Top 5 applications for cycling and mountain biking

If the smart phones have revolutionized the world as it is known, Applications Mobile phones have become small gadgets capable of doing almost anything. There is an app for everything: carry a menstrual calendar, nutrition and dietsproperly adjust a bike or even check the latest cycling news.

For all of the above, TechMarkup brings a summarized list of the 5 most useful apps for cyclists from a smartphone. Of course, it should be noted that in the top It will not influence an order of importance, or download, or anything like that.


Strava is the app used by the vast majority of cyclists to share their routes, analyze road sections and boast of being the local legend of their city. But is that all?

Strava provides great functionality to create your own routes, then upload them to the gps device. In addition, you can also share so friends can run them and you can see who has made each route faster.

Also, you can use it directly as an application to save your itinerary without secondary GPS.

In a very minimal way, Strava has passed on its many features for the paid version, such as view the top 10 rankings for each route, analyze the efforts that were made either view higher lift performance options.

For $7.99 per month or $59.99 per year, you can have all the tools and features of the app. Besides, provides a 60-day free trial.

2. Wikiloc

One of the best route apps in the world of hiking and adventure. It is an application with a variety of different sports modes to plan and create endless routes.

With this app, in addition to your own routes, you can search for cycling routes all over the world. The routes that can be found have detailed descriptions of the entire tour, as well as several photos so that you can get an idea of ​​each route.

It can adjust the route according to the level of difficulty you want to face, which makes it a great app suitable for any type of user. Keep in mind that all these capabilities provided by Wikiloc are completely free and you don’t need to have a premium account to take advantage of all its features.

The price of a paid Wikiloc subscription is USD$4.99 every three months or USD$9.99 per month. This option allows users to take advantage of exclusive features such as download routes and send them directly to the GPS, share live location either check the weather conditions, among other.

3. Komoot

It is a versatile app for cyclists, explorers or runners that allows detailed planning and optimal route tracking on all types of terrain. Before leaving, the route can be created and customized with maximum precision thanks to the terrain data.

From lanes to stroll quietly through the city, to the most hidden paths in the nearest mountains. Also, if the route is preloaded, no connection to Internet to be able to know the routes, nor to worry about losing coverage.

Komoot has a blog where you can upload photos with the most incredible experiences and share them with other users. It can also help you discover new routes and come up with more realistic ideas for upcoming routes.

4.Google Maps

Google Maps is a great app for most people to get close to any position in car or to draw a cycling route through the less discovered cities of the country.

With this app, you can fully plan your trip before you leave. It has a very useful typeface for planning routes, satellite images, bicycles and even the function of view image that you can see exactly where you want to spend.

A very important reality of Google Maps is that you can easily send the direct location so that other users (or friends) know what can happen at any time at any.

5.Follow Me Sports

This app is completely different from the others. It does not offer any functionality to plan or create routes, but literally can save lives life.

It is an application that locates users when they practice outdoor sports and answers calls to 911 (in case of Peru) In case of an accident. It is an application that will bring security and tranquility to those who know when one is doing sports.

Follow Me Sports is activated as soon as the user’s movement has not been recognized for a certain period of time and the user has not paused.

In this case, an alert is triggered which, if the user does not deactivate it, is received by the Follow Me Sports service, where the technicians will check if it is an error or if it is an accident. The service of this application is available from 6:00 am to 2:00 am

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