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Top 4 applications to change the color of clothes and hair

Top 4 applications to change the color of clothes and hair
Apps to change the color of hair or clothes. (photo: Composition/Jose Arana)

Achieve an eye-catching feed in instagram It is achieved by having many photos, everyone knows that. But, wouldn’t it be ideal to take several pictures with the same clothingand that color Can you change this, and even dye your hair?

Well, TechMarkup has compiled 4 Applications to edit images in order to put a different color on a polo shirt, jacket, pants or even change the hair dye, so that before going to a hairdresser to try your luck, you can have a reference thanks to the artificial intelligence.

Apps to edit the color of clothes or hair



Picsart does not have an automatic clothing changer, but it does allow you to use a tool to adjust the colors of clothing. It allows you to change the color of a jacket, in addition to having a wide variety of stickers (stickers) to give the result more style.


Color settings aren’t always as expected, so it’s best to use an eraser if you’re coloring something other than clothes. But then, how to do it? You have to follow these simple steps:

1. Enter the app.

2. Touch the icon ‘+’ and then choose the option ‘Draw’.

3. Select the image that you want to change the color of clothes, hair or other element.

4. Use the option of the ‘Pencil’, but before changing the color with which you want to draw.

5. Cover the clothes or other element with the color you want.

6. Touch the layers icon and an icon will appear where it says ‘Normal’.

7. Touch it and now click on the option to darken or another option that suits the expected results. And ready.

PicsArt.  (photo: Google Play Store)
PicsArt. (photo: Google Play Store)


The FaceTune app It is one of the most popular applications on the market in the field of image editing: you can retouch and improve selfies, as well as casual photography. Available for Android and iOS it is completely free, versatile and easy to use. Provides the opportunity to experience a change of “look” until you find the right one.

This app allows you to make changes to the tones in the hair or put a different color in clothes until you achieve the look you are looking for.

And these changes can benefit from not having to try dyes or chemicals that could make the results not be as expected, as well as trying a jacket or pants that you already have in a certain color, in another wide range of colors. In this way, you could choose to buy pants of the same model but in different colors.

Facetune.  (photo: App Store)
Facetune. (photo: App Store)

It may interest you:

– vsco

At present and according to the valuations both in Google Play Store like in app storeis the most used application to edit photos for instagram. It stands out for its extensive catalog of filters, popular thanks to its impressive white balances and color adjustments.

It is a very useful application if you want to achieve a great appearance in the feed of any social networkespecially the one mentioned above. Filters help to maintain aesthetic cohesion: for example, use the same selfies from a photo shoot, but change the clothes colour. It should be noted that it also includes a classic editor.

This application is widely used when you want to achieve a natural result that is faithful to the original colors, while still losing the “aesthetic” style that is so fashionable.

Vsco.  (photo: Google Play Store)
Vsco. (photo: Google Play Store)

-YouCam Makeup

With the YouCam Makeup app you can explore and get the latest in makeup, fashion and styles that can be worn with the user for any occasion. And as it has been throughout the entire article, if you have ever wanted to know how the color of a piece of clothing would look (or different styles of makeup), this application is a good alternative.

YouCam Makeup uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect the clothes in a photo, so with the function of ‘Color’ You can try different colorations to the clothing that the AI ​​has detected in the photo.

YouCam Makeup.  (photo: Google Play Store)
YouCam Makeup. (photo: Google Play Store)

– An extra app: Snapseed

It is an application created by Google with tools to edit at a professional level. Includes focus correction, color temperature, brightness and contrast.

It also has a series of effects such as grain, 60s-style film reel effects or its exclusive filter Retrolux. Snapseed also allows you to change the color of your hair or a piece of clothing in a matter of seconds with its function called ‘Change’.

Snapseed.  (photo: Google Play Store)
Snapseed. (photo: Google Play Store)

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