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Top 15 Most Liked TikTok Videos

During the quarantine for pandemic of the COVID-19the platform TikTok experienced a significant rise in popularity. On the app, you can enjoy choreography, lip syncs, skits, makeup tutorials, and more in videos that are less than a minute long.


In 2019, this app had a great impact around the world and millions of people began to use it and share their videos of all kinds on it. Videos shared by millions of other users who gradually accumulate huge amounts of the famous ‘I like it’, reaching in some cases more than 10 million of those hearts.

And that is exactly what TechMarkup brings in this article: a top 15 of the videos with more ‘likes’ in the social network. For the content creators It is quite important that your followers like them because they can not only know what content they like the most but also It also means that the social network promotes these videos more because they have a greater attraction for their content. Next the complete list:


fifteen. Charli D’Amelio dances with her parents (@charlidamelio)

In this video, Charlie “dances” with his parents one of the most popular songs on this social network.


14. The Rock and Kevin Hart celebrate Christmas (@therock)

This video of the actor The Rock is close to the current podium of the videos with the most likes on the social network, although, as you can see now, it will not be the last of this famous character.

A different Christmas video where you can see this actor dressed for Christmas with his great friend Kevin Hart.


13. Kevin Hart and The Rock, the best friends of TikTok (@therock)

TikTok is a social network where challenges easily go viral. The ‘Best Friends Check’ was one of many for which even famous personalities were registered.

In the thirteenth video with the most likes on this social network, we can again see how the famous The Rock records this video with his friend and well-known actor Kevin Hart.

12. Kison Kee has an accident with his breakfast (@kisonkee)

Kison Lee is a youtuber who became very famous for his videos in which he puts cups on his feet as heels.

The most viral video of this “series” was where he is seen preparing a somewhat disastrous breakfast, since all the milk spilled on the floor.

eleven. Brothers do a provocative dance on escalators (@justmaiko)

Another of the most popular videos is one of the many Justmaiko dances.

In this publication he repeats the scenario, the escalators of a shopping center and little brother dancing by his side. A video that has already reached more than 24 million ‘likes’.

10. The cutest TikTok on the social network (@daexo)

Another of the videos with the most likes on this platform is this one published by the account @daexo. In it you can see how a mother shows love to her daughter to the rhythm of the music that is playing.

A very cute publication whose sentiment always works on the internet, as evidenced by its 34 million likes.

9. Remix of the song Suave (@mngnzls)

The video was uploaded in early March this year. It was done with more than 37 million likes before the end of the month.

It is a remix of the soft song from The Alpha.

8. TikToker makes the ‘complicated simple’‘ (@khaby.lame)

Any user has come across a video of this boy who has become famous for dismantling the ‘tricks’ for life with a pinch of humor.

With this theme, in which he shows that things are simpler and more obvious than what can be sold through social networks, he has managed to reach almost 38 million likes in one of his first videos.

7. A lot of fame and trends, a peculiar combination (@billieeilish)

Everyone knows how the social media world works and what happens when it mixes with the glory of other industries.

That’s exactly what happened in this release from singer Billiee Eilish, in which she is seen simply wearing the filter that makes ‘time stop’ as it passes.

6. Bark at your dog (@adrienchateau)

What happens if one day suddenly a user barks at his dog? Nothing may happen, but Adrian Chateau’s dog’s reaction is worth watching.

It has accumulated more than 40 million likes since the video was uploaded in November 2021.

5. STAY (@totouchanemu)

This video was inspired by Max Taylor. According to this creator, the goal of the video was to quickly get noticed by doing something that others aren’t doing.

The tiktoker then focused on repeating the formula over and over again. According to him, he is willing to exploit this format until people get tired of it.

Four. say it right (@jamie32bsh)

It took a few days for this simple dance video of the song ‘Say it right’ by Nelly Furtado to go viral.

The video was uploaded by jamie32bsh and it just showed him dancing to the music with quite a beat. What was probably not expected is that it would start a whole trend in the network.

The video was uploaded in late January 2022 and received almost 48 million likes in just two months.

3. Sugar Crush (@thenickluciano)

That lip sync while singing ElyOtto’s SugarCrash earned Nick Luciano third place on this list with 48.5 million likes.

two. The art of ‘likes’ (@fredziownik_art)

Who said art can’t attract millions of ‘likes’ on social media? The user @fredziousnik_art has made it clear that this is not the case with the second video with the most likes on the entire platform at the moment.

In it you can see how he recreates a scene that he sees in another user’s publication, but in this case through his art with the drawing. This video currently has 48 million likes.

one. TikTok’s most famous ‘lip sync’ (@bellapoarch)

Sometimes the virality of social networks is a bit incomprehensible and a clear example of this is the video that currently has the most likes in all of TikTok.

This is the contribution of Bella Poarch, a 19-year-old Filipina who used the ‘lip sync’ feature on a Jvke song. Right now, this post is over 56 million likes on TikTok.

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