Toño Mauri spoke of the alleged relationship between Luis Miguel with Paloma Cuevas: “It will be known later”

Toño Mauri spoke of the alleged relationship between Luis Miguel with Paloma Cuevas: "It will be known later"
Toño Mauri spoke about the relationship between Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas Photo: (Photos: Getty Images) Instagram/@antonio.mauri

Undoubtedly some of the names that cause the greatest stir despite being far from the entertainment scene is Luis MiguelIf it weren’t for his glimpses that are sometimes leaked to the press, it would be very difficult to delve into the life of the iconic Mexican interpreter.

In this context, it has been rumored for a few days that the Sun of Mexico would have ended his relationship with mercedes villador and would have a new conquest, but the rumors had not been confirmed until this week, because Sun would have been caught on a romantic date with the Spanish designer, Pigeon Caves.

As expected, the images broadcast by the well-known program Gossip No Like became a trend: “We are here, showing with images that Luis Miguel is having an affair with Paloma Cuevas”, said Javier Ceriani while they presented the photographs.

The alleged new couple was in a Corte Inglés restaurant, drinking wine and eating tapas, when they were caught on camera. Although they are only seen having a chat, there are those for whom these images are proof of their love relationship.

This series of questions behind the images were answered by the actor and producer close to the 49-year-old Spanish woman and Luis Miguel, Tony Mauri who in an interview with Come the Weekend Joy He gave some extra details hoping that soon one of the two will come out to give statements.

“Beyond that I don’t know. I think that later it will be knownthere was a lot of morbidity, “he said.

The woman with whom Luis Miguel was seen is Paloma Cuevas, 49 years old and born in Spain, she is a businesswoman and fashion designer, a friend of the interpreter of hits like now you can goriver unconditions herl from several years ago.

(Photo: Instagram/@chismenolikeofficial)
(Photo: Instagram/@chismenolikeofficial)

At that time she was married to the bullfighter Enrique Ponce, whom she divorced last year amid rumors of alleged infidelity with a 24-year-old girl.. With Ponce she had two daughters, Paloma and Bianca.

The designer met louismi in 2003 thanks to Miguel Alemán Magnani, one of the best friends of Sun, Well, he introduced them on one occasion when he went to Acapulco. Since then they began their friendship, which became a closer bond with the birth of the first child that the singer had with Aracely Arámbula, Miguel.

Paloma and Enrique Ponce were the Christening godparents de Miguel, in 2007. The ceremony took place in an exclusive hotel in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, privately and there were about 50 guests. As expected, some Internet users reacted incredulously to this new alleged courtship.

(Photo: Twitter / @unnimediosmx)
(Photo: Twitter / @unnimediosmx)

It should be noted that these were not the only words dedicated to him by the histrion who was recently torn between life and death, as he was glad that Luis Miguel is concerned about improving his physical form after some criticism in past months where he was branded of “old”: “I’m glad because it means that you care about your health, that’s the most important thing,” he said.

Another of the comments that stood out on the part of the also screenwriter was when he revealed to the cameras of the weekend morning Aztec TV that he would be recording the autobiographical series by Miguel Bosé: “It will cause a lot of expectation […] here the story wanted it against as it is, it was not modified”, concluded the 58-year-old actor, indicated with notorious emotion.