Tom Hanks warns against a clone created with AI that is impersonating him

While the daughter of Robin Williams warns about the possible dystopian consequences of the indiscriminate use of AI in cinema, Tom Hanks He is one of the few Hollywood actors who does not reject them outright. Ironically, the actor Castaway and Forrest Gump He was surprised to see a digital double created without his permission.

To make matters worse, furthermore, the doppelganger on duty does not even aspire to world domination or anything like that. His purpose, as Hanks himself warns, is advertise a dental insurance plan.

“Be careful! A video is circulating out there promoting dental insurance using an AI version of myself,” Tom Hanks warned on his Instagram (via Variety). “I have nothing to do with it”, rivet.

What does Tom Hanks think about AIs?

While other Hollywood actors, such as John Cusack, have taken advantage of the actors’ strike to deplore a technology that threatens to replicate their faces at the convenience of the big studios, Hanks has not been shy about showing prudent curiosity about it.

“Beyond knowing that I have been made by AI or deepfake, there will be nothing except a certain degree of real quality that tells you that it is not me and only me,” he commented in May. And he continued: ““Anyone can now recreate themselves at any age thanks to AI or deepfake technology. You could get hit by a bus tomorrow and that’s it, but my performances can go on and on.”

Furthermore, Tom Hanks’ next film will mark his reunion with the digital processing of images. Is about Here, a new collaboration with the director Robert Zemeckis. They accompany you Robin Wright (protagonist of the film that prophesied all this nonsense, The congress) and Paul Bettany, and everything indicates that Hanks will experience both rejuvenation and aging for her through deepfake.

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