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Tom Hanks on making movies after death thanks to AI: “My acting can go on and on”

Tom Hanks on making movies after death thanks to AI:

The advances of the Artificial intelligence are shaking up Hollywood, to the point that the application of it to writing is one of the reasons behind the current writers strike. The ability to generate anything automatically, from stories to images through interpretations, raises a lot of concern about the possible consequences, although in this perspective people like Tom Hanks He resolves to shrug. Without failing to understand the situation, as he has made clear in a recent interview.

In The Adam Buxton Podcast Hanks reveals that the influx of the AI is spurring “debates in every trade, every agency and every law firm to determine the legal ramifications of my face, my voice and everyone else’s as intellectual property.” Something that fits with the demands of the Writers Guild around the regulation of this, and that leads Hanks to wonder to what lengths it could take him in his figure as a veteran Hollywood star.

“If I wanted to, I could get together and star in a series of seven movies, where I would have 32 years from now until doomsday”. Hanks also notices the deepfake, a side of this Artificial Intelligence that allows interpreters to rejuvenate using their performances or past appearances as a model. Hanks believes that by the time the deepfake and other AI recreations settle in Hollywood, there will be nothing to distinguish their creations from the real thing.

“Beyond knowing that I have been made by AI or deepfake, there will be nothing except a certain degree of real quality to tell you that it’s not me and only me.” Hanks gets to imagine what would happen if he died, and if the AI ​​would then allow us to still enjoy his afterlife work. “Anyone can now recreate themselves at any age thanks to AI or technology deepfake. I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and that’s it, but my performances can go on and on”.

Hanks seems to have been thinking about the invention in recent months, and it’s probably because of his new project. This is Here, a new collaboration between Hanks and his director in Forrest Gump, robert zemeckis. accompany you robin wright (protagonist of the film that prophesied all this mess, The congress) and paul bettanyand everything indicates that Hanks will experience for her both a rejuvenation and an aging by way of the deepfake.

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