Home Entertainment Tom Cruise seems to be aware that his figure is somewhat ridiculous

Tom Cruise seems to be aware that his figure is somewhat ridiculous

Tom Cruise seems to be aware that his figure is somewhat ridiculous

TO Tom Cruise it is usually called “the last great Hollywood star”. Beyond the lapidary of this consideration, there is no doubt that the actor has managed to be in the limelight for decades and stand as a guarantee of great entertainment. Entertainment that, at a certain point, became key to the health of the industry, once the pandemic arrived and Cruise had to fight with paramount so that Top Gun: Maverick had a decent opening window. She got away with it, and Maverick razed.

To the point that Steven Spielberg He said that “He had saved Hollywood’s ass”and Cruise prepares for the premiere of Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment – Part 1 in the prime of his career. Maverick arrived at the Oscars, so the admiration that critics and the public feel for him is beyond doubt, and Cruise is ready to make us happy again with the next installment of the saga of ethan hunt, which just this week released its final trailer. As its title indicates, Deadly Judgment – Part 1 precedes a Part 2 that would bring the story to the end after eight films.

Christopher McQuarriewhich started with secret nation, is responsible for both deliveries. And next to Cruise he returns simonpegg, Co-worker for several films who in his day made reference to Cruise’s dictatorial attitude on set as both an actor and a producer. “When you’re on the set, he is the boss”, he pointed out. He maintains his authority “by the method of never be to blame for anything”, he joked, in tune with Cruise’s anger during filming that leaked in the midst of a pandemic.

Despite these comments, Pegg has great respect for Cruise, and has spoken on the BBC about their deal. “My relationship with him is simple and cordial. It has always been easy. When you get to know the person instead of the thicket of mythology that has been created around them, it’s a different experience,” says the actor from fatal weapon. On meeting the person behind the myth, Pegg hints that Cruise is partly aware that he is perceived as an eccentric star among the public.

“That is to say, loves fame and he really enjoys it, it’s all he knows. She gives him energy and stimulates him. In a way, she realizes the ridiculousness of the matter”. Cruise’s eccentricity stems not just from her feverish commitment to traditional exhibition, but from his affiliation with the sect of Scientology and his habit of tackling big action scenes without using doubles. Pegg refers precisely to this.

“People have opinions about him, which are totally based on gossip, and he does nothing to combat them. When I hear people speculate about his weird religion and make assumptions about who he is as a person, I say ‘did you know that he risks his life for his public?’”, he concludes. While Deadly Judgment – Part 1 this is released July 14the Part 2 will come next year July 28, 2024.

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