Tips to use grenades efficiently in Free Fire in 2022

Grenades are pretty underrated in Free fire although they are an integral part of any player’s arsenal. They help players with any style of play, be it aggressive, balanced or defensive. More than tactical prowess, grenades enhance the versatility and unpredictability of one’s strategy.

Different grenades have different functions, which help in various situations on the battlefield. Frag Grenades are useful in end zone fights, aid in escape, and gloo walls provide cover in close-range skirmishes.


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FREE FIRE | Meet the grenades

There are several grenades in Free fire and each has a different function. Players must know each grenade and its capacity in a specific situation. Learn about grenades at Free fire it will be worth it for the players, who can become the ultimate winners.

FREE FIRE | Right moment

Players must throw grenades before the timer reads zero. On the contrary, an early launch is not useful as it can alert enemies and players will not be able to maximize their benefit from the launch.

Tips for the use of grenades

Tips for the use of grenades

FREE FIRE | Efficient launch

Users must know how to adjust the landing point for their launch, which they can master with the training mode in Free fire. The launch point also allows players to deal maximum damage or gain maximum advantage from the specific grenade in Free fire.

FREE FIRE | Avoid deviation

Sometimes players may encounter a deviation in trajectory due to an ineffective throw at a specific location or any obstacle, such as a wall. Therefore, players can take into account the environment, buildings, and other factors to adjust the trajectory of their launches.


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Tips for the use of grenades


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