Tips to be successful with e-commerce businesses during the Day Without VAT in Colombia

Tips to be successful with e-commerce businesses during the Day Without VAT in Colombia
Including various payment methods is crucial if you want to grow online sales Photo: Silas Stein/dpa
Including various payment methods is crucial if you want to grow online sales Photo: Silas Stein/dpa

Currently, there are many people who are seeing an opportunity to generate extra income through e-commerce platforms, such as their own virtual stores or marketplace accounts.

However, making money selling items on the internet is not as easy a task as simply uploading some images and placing prices. In these businesses, the most complicated thing is to attract potential clients who finally end up making a transaction from the entrepreneur’s platforms.

Likewise, errors on the purchase pages could cause customers to be lost who were determined to pay for the product, but who gave up when encountering technical failures, poor integration with digital channels, or unintuitive processes.

That is why infobae has compiled some tips and strategies that internet entrepreneurs can apply to increase sales in their digital e-commerce businesses.

Include customer service channels

When sales are a total success, it is necessary to have service systems to keep customers satisfied, and thus continue to grow in the world of online business.

Including strategies for requests, complaints and claims does not imply making large investments in restructuring websites, there are even many small businesses that manage to do excellent consumer management from their social networks.

The point is to take advantage of the tools available to achieve customer loyalty by solving their concerns, since many times, these channels are not used by customers to make complaints but to request help with the processes of payment.

Monitor logistics

With the growth of online commerce, something that has been quite useful for customers is to track the order and check what stage it is in, for example, if it has already left the warehouse or is being prepared.

According to Dan del Palacio, head of marketing for LATAM at Adobe, verifying the delivery processes of each order is important if you want to avoid failing to comply with a customer, and it is also not a complex task, since transport companies generally offer merchants technologies to monitor the status of the order.

Update information and catalog

Situations in which you want to buy a product seen in a virtual store are not unusual, but when making the payment you are notified that it is out of stock, even some merchants have had to reverse payments that have been made for a reference which is not in stock.

“To avoid inconveniences and crises, keeping the information updated on the website, social networks and other channels is essential. In this way, it is avoided to deliver information on non-current promotions or products that are not in stock. It is also necessary to confirm that the characteristics, functionalities and appearance of the goods and services offered in advertising pieces correspond to what is delivered to consumers”, said the specialist.

Updating the information both on social networks and on the website is very important, since in this way users will have access to references and current promotions.

Include multiple payment methods

The procedures related to banking transactions have had a technological development, that is why all the facilities must be given when buying.

For an online store to grow in number of sales and maintain itself over time, it is crucial that it incorporates various ways of collecting payments, including the most innovative ones such as QR codes or virtual wallets.

And at this point, as with the verification of logistics, it is not necessary to be an expert developer to incorporate various payment methods in the business, normally the platforms to create virtual stores offer these tools so that entrepreneurs can use them in a convenient way. a very intuitive way.

On the other hand, Featurespace indicated that security should be invested in, which benefits buyers and merchants:

“Many scammers take advantage of the VAT Day to create fake sites and product offers that never actually reach their recipients. Therefore, the essential thing is to plan and prepare supported by technological solutions, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning on the company’s website and social networks, which help detect and mitigate these problems. Investment in technology will never be unnecessary and will always be lower than the losses generated by online and illicit fraud that can even lead to the closure of a digital business”, they explained.