Tips so that electronic devices do not pollute

Tips so that electronic devices do not pollute

The electronics devices They are an important part of everyday life, however, as the years go by they stop working, they go out of style, their technology becomes obsolete and they end up in the trash. In addition to this, devices that are not used properly during their useful life pollute, so it is necessary to know what actions can be done to reduce the carbon footprint.

In the framework of Earth dayfrom technology there are several things that can be carried out to contribute to the conservation of the environment, without the need to get rid of all the devices because they pollute from their production.

Today’s life demands that all young people and adults have at least one electronic device to be in contact, work and do housework. then some advice to contribute to the care of the environment.

Use electronic devices or ecological accessories

It is best not to be constantly changing devices, especially if they work correctly. For example, in case you need a new PC or some accessory you can opt for an ecological device.

Instead of throwing the old device in the trash first, you can find a second life for it, donating it, giving it away or sending it to be repaired and reselling it at a lower price. In this way, you will have more years of service and you will contribute to the circular economy.

It should be noted that an accessory that could serve to reduce energy consumption is a smart plug. These are placed in the usual way to electronic devices, only they allow monitor energy use and can be programmed to turn on and off automatically.

low power modes

As mentioned above, even devices in their useful life can contaminate if they are not used correctly. In that sense, it is better turn off and unplug appliances when not in use or when leaving home.

Likewise, when they are being busy, it is best to keep them in low power modesthat is, keep a dim lighting on the screen of the PC, mobile phone, or do not use the appliances at maximum power unless it is strictly necessary.

Use controls without batteries

To avoid wasting batteries, power consumption can be reduced by using solar controls remotes that can also be recharged via USB. You can also use the infrared of the cell phone as a remote control, for this you just need to download an application.

reuse packaging

can be given a new life to packaging of televisions, sound towers and more. Some of the boxes and wrappers include QR codes with instructions on how to turn them into something new, in case they don’t, tutorials can be found on YouTube. It is estimated that per year 200 thousand tons of cardboard are discarded.

It should be noted that devices and appliances that offer interconnectivity and Artificial Intelligence (AI) make it easier acquire sustainable habits for the planet.

For example, many of them save energy and water, reduce food waste and can be recycled, among other benefits, so if you buy a new electronic device you should look for it to have ecological options.