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Tips for doing quick searches in Windows

Tips for doing quick searches in Windows
The windows search bar allows you to find not only information contained on your computer, but also on the web.
The windows search bar allows you to find not only information contained on your computer, but also on the web.

Windows not only has Cortana that works like Apple’s Siri, but also has the search bar to quickly and easily find documents, files, emails and even information on the web.

To find files and documents effectively and thereby save time, It is pertinent to know the search forms that can be applied in the Windows application.

If you want to find recently opened files and applications, just by pressing the magnifying glass icon, a directory with recently opened information and data will appear.


However, there is also the writing bar to perform content searches more accurately, typing some words such as commands, which are keywords that when typed help to filter the results, allowing you to find the desired file more easily and quickly.

The list with some search commands

In the lower left bar where the magnifying glass to search is, it is advisable to use the following commands to speed up searches.


NOTE: to search for files with specific words and avoid others. For example, if you type ‘artificial NOT intelligence’, Windows will show items that have intelligence in their name and will avoid those that have the word artificial.

OR: This command is used to search for files that may contain one of two specific words, that is, typing artificial intelligence OR will display documents and applications whose name includes either of the two words.

Include Parentheses: If a group of words in parentheses is typed, only the files that have all or some of those words will be displayed regardless of their order.


Enter the file type extension: If you remember what type of file you are looking for, typing an asterisk plus the extension will show only those files. For example, if a pdf document is searched for, typing *pdf will show only that type of document.

In addition to these keywords, to quickly identify documents on the computerwith the search window bar at the top of the screen, you can apply filters that help you find items faster.

In addition to these filters, configuring the Windows search engine according to the user’s personal needs could improve the application’s search results.

How to customize Windows Search

In the start menu or the settings panel, click on the nut or cogwheel icon and then select the search option, which is the magnifying glass icon.

Permissions and history

In the left options menu, you can select the permissions and history option to modify the results that appear in the search engine.

Block pornographic or violent content

One of the options that can be configured is the safe search that will not show results related to adult content or not suitable for certain ages.

Search for data in the cloud

With the switch icons you can disable or enable the Windows Finder to show results from Edge and the associated mail tray.

Search history

By customizing this option to allow or prevent the system from using information from previous searches, Windows search results are improved according to the user’s needs.


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