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Tina Turner beyond the thunderdome, film actress and singer: from ‘Mad Max’ to Bond

Tina Turner beyond the thunderdome, film actress and singer: from 'Mad Max' to Bond

Pure energy, dynamism and jet of voice. Tina Turner has passed away at the age of 83 this Wednesday, May 24, at his residence in Küsnacht, Switzerland, where he had already lived in retirement for a decade and after more than 50 years of professional and artistic career. But the iconic singer, songwriter and dancer, with more than 200 million records sold, will always remain alive in the memory, for his music, but also for movie lovers.

Tommy by Ken Russell (1975)


He was hard-pressed until the mid-’70s to appear in a movie. The director did it ken russell in his extravagant, mind-bending, and psychedelic musical adaptation based on the rock opera of The Who and in a brief presence as the Acid Queen, deflowering the protagonist of the title (Roger Daltrey), a character who is blind, deaf, and mute due to childhood trauma.

‘Sergeant Pepper’ by Michael Schultz (1978)

'Sergeant Pepper'
‘Sergeant Pepper’

From The Who to the beatles, and without abandoning the films with rock opera. Although this time it was only a cameo, in the final song of the film and together with a lot of other artists, like cheetah rivera and Carol Channing. Less gives a stone.

‘Mad Max 3. Beyond the thunderdome’ by George Miller (1985)

'Mad Max 3. Beyond the thunderdome'
‘Mad Max 3. Beyond the thunderdome’
Warner Bros.

And yes, this is the role for which he stood out in cinema. Many years before the Imperator Furiosa of Charlize Theron will dispute the role of Mad Max played by Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Roadit was Tina herself who acted as a scene-stealer for the road warrior (Mel Gibson) embodying in that post-apocalyptic future Tía Ama (Aunty Entity in the original in English), the authoritarian governor with an iron hand of the lawless city (well, Ama’s), of Negociudad.

‘Last Action Hero’ by John McTiernan (1993)

'Last Great Hero'
‘Last Great Hero’

Perhaps this satire, from a film within a film, starring Schwarzenegger and directed by the author of Crystal jungle either Predator It was one of the great commercial punctures of the 90s, but it is still very vindicable and also had endless star cameos. One of them Tina Turner, playing none other than the mayor of Los Angeles in the fictitious filming of Jack Slater II (the action hero that Schwarzenegger embodied in the film). It was the last presence of him in the cinema.

‘Tub’ by Brian Gibson (1993)

Touchstone Pictures

In the same year as last great heroand even at the height of her popularity, we could see her as the absolute protagonist, but not her but rather Angela Basset playing Tina Turner in the biopic who told us about her more than toxic relationship with her first husband, the musician Ike Turner, leader of the band Kings of Rhythm, marked by violence and abuse. He obtained a divorce in 1978, and the role of Ike was played by Laurence Fishburne.

Song from ‘Goldeneye’ (1995)

The genuine credit titles of the seventeenth official feature film in the 007 saga, and the first with Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, they had the voice of Tina Turner for a theme written by Bond and The Edgeof the group u2and there are many who consider it one of the great songs of the Bond saga.

Song ‘Break Through The Barrier’ for ‘Days of Thunder’ (1990)

Trying to repeat the blockbuster of top gun, tony scott returned to have Tom Cruise, but behind the wheel of a race car instead of the controls of his beloved airplanes, and incorporated Nicole Kidman as the female lead (Cruise’s current wife at the time). The previous success was not repeated, but it left us with a soundtrack full of songs.

Song ‘We Don’t Need Another Hero’ for ‘Mad Max 3. Beyond the Thunderdome’ (1985)

It is not only the best known of the many themes of Tina Turner in a movie or series, He also became part of one of his Greatest Hits instantaneous. Recognizable even if this third installment of Mad Max has not been seen. The song was composed by Graham Lyle and Terry Britten.

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