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Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, criticized companies that “mine data on the details of people’s lives”

Tim Cook inaugurated the summit of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), which took place in Washington (USA), with a speech in which he focused on privacy policies Manzana to protect the privacy of users. In this sense, he stressed that “it is one of the most essential battles of our time.”


The manager acknowledged that it is not an easy task to protect privacy but said that he cannot accept its possible loss. Cook considered that a world without her would be “less imaginative, empathetic, innovative and human”. And he described privacy as “a fundamental human right” that “enriches people’s lives.”

Cook differentiated Apple from other companies that “mine data on the details of people’s lives” and do not give them “a real choice” to decide on this matter. After enunciating these words, he defended the tools developed by the computer giant to empower the user as the ability to decide whether or not an app can track your activity on other apps and websites (App Tracking Transparency or “ATT”) ; as well as the ability to “shield your locations and email addresses.”


To this is added that Apple last year began to reject platforms that collect data without consent. These are the applications that have “Adjust SDK”, a tool that allows user monitoring through what is called a fingerprint, which is obtained from information such as the mobile phone model or IP address, among others. With it you can perform audience analysis for advertising purposes.

Cook stressed in his speech that users know that all apps on the App Store adhere to the company’s strong privacy standards.


ORne of the measures that Apple has taken in this regard led it to confront Meta. Just over a year ago, before the implementation of the ATT, the social network published requests in several newspapers in the United States where it highlighted that Apple’s policy “will limit the ability of businesses to launch personalized ads and reach their customers effectively”. He also claimed that advertisers would see their sales cut by 60% for every dollar they spend because of the privacy policy of the company led by Tim Cook.

Another aspect that Cook highlighted during his speech was Apple’s struggle to deal with cyber threats that are part of the digital world, among which social engineering attacks, disinformation and massive data leaks stand out.

The manager stated that “security is the foundation of privacy, because there is no privacy in a world where private data can be stolen with impunity.”


Cook stressed that for these reasons iPhone personal data is encrypted end-to-end by default, so “even Apple can’t see it.” He said that the company does not install backdoors in said encryptions because if they did, anyone could use them, which would put security at risk.

The CEO of Apple too referred to the “rigorous security protections” put in place early on in the App Store to shield the devices of its users against any type of malware.

Cook also said he is working on regulations that could put both Apple’s privacy and security at risk. He stated that the company is in favor of privacy regulation, but expressed concern about the possibility that such regulations could “undermine privacy and security.”.

Cook said that these policies are being carried out “in the name of competition”, something in which he has assured that Apple believes but, if that forces the company to lift the veto on the apps that enter its iPhone, the consequences could be serious.


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