Tim Burton still hasn’t gotten over the cancellation of the Superman he was going to film with Nicolas Cage

Tim Burton still hasn't gotten over the cancellation of the Superman he was going to film with Nicolas Cage

In the 90s, think about Tim Burton and in cinematic superheroes it was basically the same. Director of Bitelchús had made two model approximations to the bat D.C.between batman and batman returns. Although he has not approached the masked men since then, in that same decade he was about to direct a new adaptation, with another key DC character. Burton has always been a big fan of supermanand Warner Bros. It gave him the opportunity to take it to the movies.

The film was to be titled Superman Livesand today it is one of the “and if” most famous in Hollywood. The project wanted to return to the character after the uneven saga of Christopher Reevehaving left Kevin Smith along the way when he reached Burton. So Nicolas Cage was chosen to play Clark Kent due to his passion for the character, and he even did some camera tests where he appeared in his work uniform and long hair. The problem was that the film was directed by a producer as crazy as John Petersso Superman Lives He never lived. At the end of the 90s it was cancelled.

Burton hasn’t forgotten it. His career has moved away from superheroes, it seems like forever, but he still remembers Superman Lives. During an interview with British Film Institute has made reference to how he feels about the ill-fated film, and it turns out that he is not over it. “I will say this: when you work so long on a project and it doesn’t get done, It affects you for the rest of your life.. Because you have become passionate about it, and each thing is an unknown journey, and you don’t succeed. But it is one of those experiences that they never abandon you”.

The question now is whether Burton has seen Flashbecause this recent DC movie also remembered Superman Lives. In fact, the director Andy Muschietti He turned to Cage to make an appearance as that version of Superman that never made it to theaters. It was a tiny cameo that Cage himself didn’t seem to take very seriously, but at least it showed that enough people remember Superman Lives for Hollywood to exploit the nostalgia for it. A nostalgia for something that never happened, but that is the time we live in.

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