Tim Burton against AI and montages inspired by his universe: “It’s like a robot stole your soul”

In the midst of a strike by Hollywood actors and scriptwriters, the misuse of Artificial intelligence It is one of the issues that most focuses on. The controversy around indiscriminate use of software that does not respect the original work of the filmmakers is more present than ever, and The latest to add fuel to the fire has been Tim Burton.

After the publication of a series of snapshots in which Disney characters passed the Tim Burton filterinspired by the filmography of the director of Edward Scissorhands, Bitelchus either batmanhe was dissatisfied with the direction that AI is taking.

“They had AI make my versions of Disney characters… It reminded me of when other cultures say, ‘Don’t take my picture because you’re taking my soul away,'” the filmmaker confessed in conversations with TheIndependent. These statements come after Burton was reluctant to work with Disney again, although the director acknowledges that some of the images are “very good.”

Disney characters, in Tim Burton version

Burton confessed to feeling uncomfortable at the unauthorized imitation of his own work. “What he does is he sucks something out of you. He takes something out of your soul or your psyche, which is very disturbing and especially if it has to do with you. It’s like a robot that takes your humanity and your soul“adds the filmmaker.

The montage of the Disney characters, in the Tim Burton version, was created by the medium buzzfeed in summer, who used the usual software Midjourney. Some images in which we saw the most gothic characters of Frozen, Sleeping Beauty either The little Mermaid, among many others.

Disney in Tim Burton version

He is not the first filmmaker irritated by these tributes on the internet, Wes Anderson also recently spoke out negatively about the proliferation of images inspired by his work. He even went so far as to ask viewers not to send him any of them, confessing that he deletes them instantly.

For its part, Guillermo del Toro downplayed the current use of AI in cinema, understanding that above all he believes that it is a mere tool. “People ask me if I’m worried about Artificial Intelligence, I say that I’m worried about natural stupidity. It’s just a tool, right?” said the Mexican.

In full search of its regulationAI continues to divide today’s society that moves between its benefits and its harms in the current film industry. Time will tell which side he is on.

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