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Til Schweiger (‘Inglourious Basterds’) assaults a worker on the set of his latest film

Til Schweiger ('Inglourious Basterds') assaults a worker on the set of his latest film

Many of us met Til Schweiger as one of the deadliest members of the Nazi hunting squad of Brad Pitt in Damn bastards. Since then, within the framework of hollywood This German actor has also been seen in productions such as New Year’s Eve, This is war either The Three Musketeers of Paul W.S. Anderson. The latter was financed by Constantine Filma German studio that usually works with the director of the film saga of resident Evil and that it has also been closely tied to Schweiger.

Constantin Film has been behind several of his most recent projects. the last one is Blanket, Blanket 2headed by Schweiger as one of the most sought-after stars of Germany. However, and as published by the German media spiegelthis film has been mired in controversy at the expense of Schweiger’s erratic behavior and multiple irregularities in filming. spiegel collects, thus, accusations that point to Schweiger as responsible for an attack in the setand of security deficiencies that would have led to a woman falling from a roof and sustaining serious injuries.

FACEanother German magazine, has interviewed the leader of Constantin Film martin moszkowicz to clarify these matters. Moszkowicz has confirmed, in this way, that there are accusations of harassment and violence against Schweiger, particularly from an altercation that he had with a member of the team during the filming of Blanket, Blanket 2. Schweiger would have been “very drunk” when it happened, and Constantin Film decided to cancel shooting for that day, warning Schweiger that he would be fired and fined if it happened again.

Shortly thereafter, Moszkowicz hired an independent law firm to investigate breaches of rules during the filming of Blanket, Blanket 2 (directed by Schweiger himself), as well as other allegations of abuse. The Constantin Film leader says he takes the problems with Schweiger very seriously and is in favor of “a code of conduct for the entire industry. Constantin Film produced two films with Schweiger last year, but currently has no further projects with the actor-director.

German Minister of Culture Claudia Roth shares Moszkowicz’s concern and has already spoken out in favor of measures of this type: if filming like the one in Blanket, Blanket 2 cannot be regulated, they will stop receiving state subsidies. “The times when the patriarchal machos abused his position of power in the worst possible way they have ended. Although obviously not everyone has understood it ”, declared Roth recently.

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