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Tiktokers @josephramirezrivera, @klebiodamas, @santifiorino, among others, fight misinformation and bullying

With the purpose that the young people do not fall for fake news or do not bully the short video platform, TikTok joined forces with DigiMIND for combat disinformation in the region and offer a better experience to users.

will be through a series of videos, with which Latin American content creators will show their followers how can they avoid falling for fake news. Through a statement, the platform reported on its union with Movilizatorio, an expert laboratory in social disinformation.

These educational videos on combating fake news, bullying or harassment among young people, can already be seen by millions of people in Latin America. With TikTok being one of the leading entertainment platforms where creators and users go for fun content, these awareness raising videos can reach young people.

The Latin American tiktokers @sciencewithana; @josephramirezrivera; @klebiodamas; @santifiorino; @jaz_rugby; @ourdailylivesgused their voice to give advice that helps young people recognize reliable information and fake newsas well as to interact ethically and responsibly on digital platforms and social networks.

According to the latest COPRA and Kaspersky study, 70% of people in Latin America do not know how to recognize fake news from those that are not. For this reason, TikTok with this strategy seeks to promote media education as an essential tool for millions of people in the region to avoid being victims of disinformation, by learning to recognize false news.

The short video platform wants the content launched in this campaign to help users have a more informed and “harmonious” experience when using digital platforms and social networks. Of course, each of the creators will make their educational videos with their personal touch, to generate videos that are fun, engaging, useful and educational.

For those who want to see all the videos in one place, you can access the account of @TikTokSecurity for Spanish-speaking Latin America. There you will find the following videos:

– Investigate the originwhere users can learn how to find the origin of the content they consume and differentiate whether it is real or not.

– Detectives and clueswill help assess the existing evidence on the information provided in the media.

– Hack propaganda. This video will explain how essential it is to learn the difference between propaganda and an opinion.

– Compare sourceswhich shows the importance of comparing sources of information, and recognizing the intention and experience of the author.

– In other people’s shoes. This video is about learning to manage conflicts in media communities and reflect on our prejudices and beliefs to be more empathic with others.

“Let’s make a community, where we can learn the importance of following the community rules and creating safe spaces on the platform.”

In the letter, TikTok said it will continue to work on projects that benefit the population and offer alternatives to verify content. that are consumed daily. “This is relevant, mainly, in countries where fake news, polarization, violence and harassment spread rapidly on digital networks and platforms”.

He assured that the creation of contents like these help the development of a more harmonious and positive digital communitySo they’ll keep working on it.


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