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TikTok will start doling out ad revenue to creators

content creators in TikTok will begin to have a new way of making money. The social network will start sharing part of the advertising revenue with the main video generators on the platform.


This will be part of a new program called TikTok Pulse,”a new contextual advertising solution that allows advertisers to place their brand next to the main content in the For You feed”, explains the company in its blog.

Creators and publishers with at least 100,000 followers will be able to take part in this initiative and will receive a portion of the revenue generated from their videos.. Specifically, TikTok will share 50 percent of Pulse’s ad revenue with approved users, it has learned. TheVergeafter talking to the social network.


“We are focused on developing monetization solutions in available markets so that creators feel valued and rewarded on TikTok. From the beginning, we’ve been committed to working with our community to bring new features that enrich the TikTok experience, and we look forward to continuing that journey with TikTok Pulse.”

It should be remembered that until now, TikTok compensates the work of users through the Creators Fund in which they are paid compensation according to the popularity of their videos. This new program aims to promote the option of making money with the content generated on the platform.


There are other platforms that allow creators to generate money. The best known is YouTube, where you can earn money by viewing ads, but there are also others that offer different tools for generating funds, such as Twitter which has other options such as subscriptions, sponsorships, donations and a partner system.

patreonfor example, is another platform where creators sign up and receive funding from their followers. They can receive monthly sums or by creation. It works like a crowdfunding system, or collective financing.

Another tool of this type that has grown a lot in recent times is little coffeea page developed by the Argentine Damián Catanzaro. The operation is very simple: connect projects with people who want to donate the equivalent of the price of a coffee, at least. This platform is widely used by artists, writers, creators and entrepreneurs of all kinds.


Some tips to get the most out of TikTok

The platform has several elements to generate original and fun content. Here are some tools that may be useful.

1. Duo

A very interesting option is to generate a duet with another person. It is a clip that will be split in two, in which, on one side will be the original video and on the other, the one generated by the user from that. It is usually used to make video reactions.

1. Enter the user account and choose the desired video.

2. Click on the share button on the right and there choose the Duo option.

3. A video divided into two will be created: in one segment the original will be seen and in the other the camera will be opened to be able to record. At the end you will see the clip split in two with both contents.

2. Video slideshow

A slideshow video can be created from photos. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Click on the + button to create a new video.

2. Press the button Load to the right of the lower record button

3. In the tabs above, click on the Photos and select the images to make the slideshow video. Once this is done press next

4. The platform will automatically generate the clip with those selected images.

3. Download videos

If you want to download another user’s video, just press the Share button on the right and then choose the option that says Save video. This will open a new menu where the share option appears.


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