TikTok will have subscriptions similar to Twitch: badges, chats, emojis and more

TikTok will have subscriptions similar to Twitch: badges, chats, emojis and more
TikTok logo.  (photo: Cocktail Marketing)
TikTok logo. (photo: Cocktail Marketing)

TikTok still lacks a key element to attract not only certain audiences but also more talent with the ability to pay viewers directly. content creators. Well, starting this week, exactly on Thursday, May 26, it will be possible. TikTok will open the beta version of TikTok LIVE Subscriptions, an subscription service which allows video creators to earn income from direct donations from their fans.

“LIVE Subscription is an extension of our efforts to build diversified monetization opportunities that cater to a variety of creator needs,” said TikTok in a blog post.

How TikTok LIVE Subscriptions will work

This service will not be very different from what other platforms, such as Twitch, offer. For a fixed amount per month that has not been made public but that some creators assure will be around USD$4.99 per month, fans who subscribe to a certain creator will have access to the table of exclusive emojis and stickers. Creators can also lock down live streams exclusively for paid users and have an exclusive appearance in the chat engine.

Creators will be able to switch to a subscriber-only chat mode, “further enhancing the personal connection between creators and the public,” the company said, adding “we will begin exploring our first engagement program on advertising revenue with creators, public figures, and media publishers.”

Creators must have 18 years or older and have 1000 followers in your account to access. However, in order to register, users would also have to be adults, which would take away a significant part of the market on a network with such a young audience. The company will keep 30% of the income, a usual commission in these services.

TikTok.  (photo: Androidphoria)
TikTok. (photo: Androidphoria)

TikTok adds a feature that YouTube and Twitch already have

The new monetization feature seemed like it would never come to TikTok. The talent in the main social media Y social platforms is scarce, and to gain an audience, companies must strive to find and retain the best creators.

YouTube has traditionally had the advantage of having a larger ad market, but analysts believe that by 2024, TikTok will become the dominant platform.

Twitch or Instagram have also tried in recent months to attract great creators, offering incentives to pay in cash in exchange for obtaining a certain number of views or rewarding the periodicity of their publications.

Even so, users seem to be backing TikTok a lot more, which already has a billion monthly active users despite being a much younger social network than its rivals.

How to prevent someone from knowing that your profile has been viewed on TikTok

1. Access TikTok and go to the section of the Profile.

2. Then press on the eye icon that appears at the top of the screen. Remember that if it does not appear, it means that the function is not yet available. In that case, you will have to wait for TikTok to include it in the account.

3 Once inside the views section of the TikTok profile, click on the gear icon that appears at the top.

4. Finally, deactivate the option called ‘Profile view history’.

Steps to turn off TikTok views.  (photo: TikTok/Jose Arana)
Steps to turn off TikTok views. (photo: TikTok/Jose Arana)

If you go to the TikTok profile view and it’s disabled, there’s nothing to do because when it is inactive no user will be able to see that you viewed their profile. Of course, the app does not allow to check who has viewed the profile unless this option is enabled.