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TikTok will have exclusive content from MegaLand, the urban music concert in Colombia

The Megaland Music Fest returns and has already confirmed the first artists who will perform on October 22. Courtesy

After four years he returns mega land a Bogota Colombia. The urban music concert will bring together nearly 50,000 spectators and TikTok confirmed that it will offer exclusive content for all users this Saturday, October 22, when the event takes place.


From 12:00 pm to 11:59 pm (Colombian time) those who train the application will find a live broadcast of what is happening at the event in the Colombian capital.

Additionally, users will be able to share their content using the hashtag #MegaLand and there will be a special playlist to musicalize the uploaded videos, which was filtered with the songs of the artists who will be taking the stage in Simón Bolívar Park.


Yes ok TikTok will not broadcast the concert as such, if it will give viewers other types of content such as interviews and participation of content creators, being a different option for those who do not attend.

The urban genre event will have several outstanding artists from Colombia, as well as other international ones. Among the most important are: Feid, Rauw Alejandro, Nicky Jam, Ryan Castro, Blessd, Piso 21, Manuel Turizo, Beele and Víctor Cárdenas.

The concert will have a special broadcast on the social network with exclusive videos.
The concert will have a special broadcast on the social network with exclusive videos.

Where to see the MegaLand live


For those who cannot go to the concert in Bogotá, the event will have an official broadcast so that everyone can watch it for free.

The direct will be done through the official channel in Youtube of the mega, the station in charge of organizing the festival. The live broadcast is expected to begin at 11:45 am this Saturday.

concert artists poster

After four years of waiting, the event returns with several of today’s most important urban singers. Several of them are Colombian and there are other international ones. This is the complete list:

Rauw Alejandro, Nicky Jam, Feid, Ryan Castro, Blessd, Piso 21, Manuel Turizo, Beele, Yera, Boza, Mabiland, Kapla and Miky, Lalo Ebratt, Timo, Santamaria, Itzza Primera, Marco Acevedo, Juliana, Juan Palau, Dekko , Víctor Cárdenas, Manu, Annasofia, Maca and Giero, Yourboufriend, Luis Alfonso, La Gabi, Eix, Natan & Shander, Philip Ariaz.

Several of the singers are currently among the most prominent in Colombia.
Several of the singers are currently among the most prominent in Colombia.

New editing tools in TikTok

For users in Latin America New features are coming that will give you more creative freedom, share more compelling stories and bring your content ideas to life in different formats beyond video.

One of the new tools is the adjustment of all the narration elements, such as cutting the clips, the duration of the sounds and the position and time of the added texts. Also, the ability to overlay images and other videos, rotate clips, change playback speed and add sound effects.

Added to this is Photo Mode, which is a new format for creating photographic content, ideal for sharing high-quality images on TikTok. In this option, you can share publications in a carousel of still images that are automatically displayed one after another and add music so that they appear with that rhythm.

This adds a new way of creating content, which adds the Lives and the different video durations that are already on the platform, which allows you to have a maximum limit of 10 minutes.

Finally, the description of the videos was expanded, having a maximum of 2,200 characters for each publication. This is intended to give creators more comfortable options to expand their stories in photo mode.

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