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TikTok What’s Next: the 3 trends that will mark the social network in 2023

TikTok What's Next: the 3 trends that will mark the social network in 2023
TikTok What’s Next 2023. (photo: TikTok Newsroom/Composition/Jose Arana)

Today, TikTok has released its third annual trend forecast, the “TikTok What’s for 2023″which aims to give sellers insights into how customer wants and needs will change consumers in the coming year and how they should shape their strategies externally and internally.

The platform owned by bytedance wrote in a post on his Blog the following: “the last 12 months have been a time of reflection for the global TikTok community. After living through the quarantine, the community realized that they did not have to continue living in monotony and complying with social stereotypes, such as working in an office five days a week or getting married and having children at a certain age.”

TikTok shared its findings on three “macro trends,” as the company has called it. These are Actionable entertainment, Create spaces of joy Y Build ideals in community.


“In the midst of a changing economy, health and weather issues, and personal stress, people are looking for new paths to success, happiness, and well-being. So TikTok will be a tool to help them find it.”

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1. Actionable Entertainment

According to TikTok on his blog, he mentions that in 2023, marketers need to offer more to viewers, which means creating videos that grab attention and earn their trust.

Precisely, TikTok ads are considered funny if they are funny, personal Y attractive for viewers.

According to the company, brands can use editing techniques like syncing sounds with transitions or adding text overlays to grab viewers’ attention.

“When you make ads that are good, fun and engaging, it will not only improve your storytelling, but it will also help your bottom line,” they explain.

Ads on TikTok.  (photo: Atrevacademy)
Ads on TikTok. (photo: Atrevacademy)

2. Create spaces of joy

Research from the Chinese platform found that 92% of users who took an off-platform action as a result of TikTok said that “the app made them happy and they never got bored”.

This means that brands must be very clear in their messages, aligning with the naturalness of the funny videos that are always shown by the users of the app.

“Throughout the world, joy is an increasingly important factor in purchase decisions from the people. People want to find happiness, even in the smallest ways. By creating content that helps them discover their path to happiness, brands can better connect with their audience and achieve success in 2023.”

The platform highlighted a custom song created by ‘CornKid‘, who conducted an interview turned into song who professes his love for corn that he takes care of Currently, if #ItsCorn and #CornKid are combined in the app they get more than 160 million views on TikTok.

Likewise, the social network states that 41% of TikTok users say that “lifting their spirits” is clue to motivate them to make a purchase.

CornKid.  (photo: TikTok News)
CornKid. (photo: TikTok News)

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3. Build ideals in community

TikTok noted that the communities on its platform allow people to share specific interests, connect and broaden the horizons of others, saying that people on the social network are 1.8 times more likely than traditional social platforms.

“This new year, marketers will have to lean on the particularities that make TikTok communities special. And don’t be afraid to target specific groups-talk to #SingleMoms instead of all the moms, oa #CozyGamers instead of all players – it will make your audience feel more understood and validated. Also, once you understand these groups, you can amplify the voices that define them and increase the honest and authentic conversations that people care about,” he says. TikTok.

Among TikTok users who took an action off the platform, the 71% of them affirm that TikTok show exactly what they are searching.

TikTok.  (photo: Gaming Coffee)
TikTok. (photo: Gaming Coffee)

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