TikTok video limit has increased: Now you can make 3 minutes long videos of TikTok

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Being one of the fastest-growing platforms, TikTok is undoubtedly emerging as the queen of social networks. In fact, its short video format, a large number of filters, and the great freedom brought by its volatility have brought tremendous fresh air to users of all ages. Following the community’s demand to increase the max video length of Tiktok videos, the company has extended the TikTok video limit to 3 minutes.

The content creator wanted flexibility in time while filming the videos like cooking, beauty tutorials, education guides, and comedy content that cannot be completed in a minute. The company tested this longer video format last year and it proved the huge potential for Tiktok. Some of the tested videos went viral in no time.


We’re trying out TikTok’s new longer video format. Please let us know what you think. #fyp #bulldogtiktok #dogsoftiktok #petsoftiktok #tipsandtricks

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As TikTok product manager Drew Kirchhoff explains, these changes open the way for more diverse entertainment experiences. We have seen the creators are well familiar with the multi-part stories on TikTok but it seems like they want to make cooking or educational type videos that can not be summed up in less than a minute.



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Similarly, some haters emerge to criticise the improved TikTok video limit. They are saying that this could vanish the essence of this social media platform that become popular with its short video format. Tiktok started the journey with 15 second videos that was exteded to 1 minute on creator’ deamand. But now with a new TiTok update, the max video lenght is extended to 3 minutes.

Some people are now able to shoot longer videos, but this is not necessarily a standard to follow. This starts the series on creating your own content. This is a good formula maintain successful lead against TikTok rival Snapchat Spotligh, Facebook Bars, and YouTube Shorts, the similar story feature as TikTok.

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