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TikTok: two hashtags that children use to access pornographic content

Children today are born with a Tablet in one hand and one smartphone in the other. And while each family has its own set of rules regarding the use of iinternet, most end up accessing the net from a young age. The problem is that adult content is being filtered on social networks and has now been identified in TikTok.


Although it is an uncomfortable subject for families and many believe that their children do not consume pornographythe latest data from the Foundation for Help Against Drug Addiction (FAD) show that minors are starting to watch this type of content between 8 and 12 years of age and consumption is constant between 13 and 17 years of age.

In addition, according to the report ‘Sexual (mis)information: pornography and adolescence’ published by Save the Children, almost 10% of minors have access to pornography before the age of 10 and the 53.8% before 13 years of age.


In many cases, the main reason that drives them to search for and consume this type of content is the lack of information and sexual education by their parents, which has caused that for 3 out of 10 minors, pornography is their only resource to learn about sexuality, says Save The Children. But at other times consumption or access occurs randomly through social media like TikTok.

This is how porn is filtered on TikTok

TikTok is the most used social network by minors. In fact, according to the latest Qustodio Annual Data Report, children spend an average of 75 minutes a day in the application. Parents have been more or less calm about their children’s use of this platform, but now porn has infiltrated, though not quite.


In social networks, various types of information are created, used and distributed. hashtags with the aim of promoting content, promoting initiatives, creating trends or increasing the number of followers, but they are not always harmless.

And now a new trend has been born on TikTok that, through the use of language codes, allows anyone, regardless of their age, access, share and disseminate pornographic content.

The labels used are #youtubeorange Y #youtubeblue and, although at first glance they do not seem to indicate an alarm signal, behind each one of them they hide two large pages of pornographic content:


– #youtubeorange has a total of 121.3 million views within the platform and refers to pornhubone of the largest porn pages out there.

– #youtubeblue addition 118 million views and alludes to XXNX videosanother sexual content platform.

This does not mean that TikTok has pornographic content, but rather that Many people use this platform to reach a larger audience or to promote themselves using these hashtags.

The problem is that this is very complicated to moderate within the application, since these tags are created to bypass control algorithms and can be modified over time to continue distributing this type of content without suspecting that a tag will wake up.

What to do so that children do not enter pornographic content through TikTok

Experts agree on the same strategy: early sex education. This prevents minors from being associated with sexuality for the first time through pornographic content. If a child knows what pornography is and what the labels are about, he will have no interest in accessing and viewing it himself.

Children are not born asexual and therefore their sexual education “must begin in early childhood and continue through adolescence and adulthood,” says the World Health Organization.

“Sex education is also part of a more general education and, therefore, affects the personality development of girls and boys. Its preventive nature not only contributes to the prevention of negative consequences related to sexuality, it can also improve quality of life, health and well-being. In this way, sexual education favors the promotion of health in general”, points out the organism.

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