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TikTok tests a function so that users are not distracted by watching videos

TikTok tests a function so that users are not distracted by watching videos
TikTok ClearMode.  (photo: Viatea)
TikTok ClearMode. (photo: Viatea)

It is said that the app short form video TikTok is testing a new mode for your home tab called ClearMode, which displays a format in which usernames, subtitles, or anything else that can make users uncomfortable and distract them from watching videos disappear.

The option was discovered by Matt Navarrea consultant for social networks which gained fame by disclosing the functions that the most popular apps work on, before the official announcements. Navarra posted a screenshot on Twitter showing what ‘clear mode’ looks like from TikTok.

Apparently TikTok is a video-only platform, it doesn’t support any other kind of format, so updates they try and add are focused on improving the presentation of these publications.


The latest feature that the Chinese company is testing right now is only available to certain users, since it has not yet been officially extended by the platform. Clear Mode function can be turned on or off just as the user wants in the TikTok home tab.

TikTok ClearMode.  (Photo: Twitter/Matt Navarra)
TikTok ClearMode. (Photo: Twitter/Matt Navarra)

This is how TikTok’s new Clear Mode option works


The reason for this change was that the company wanted to test a in a way that would remove anything that could distract users from the video they were watching. With this move, TikTok just wants to take the content seriously and ignore any other aspect or functionality of the app.

In this Clear Mode, the only thing that can be seen besides the video will be the lower bar that marks the different tabs; namely, Home, Friends, Inbox and Profile.

As has been known, this mode is activated by pressing and holding the screen and will appear below the Add to Favorites option.

TikTok ClearMode.  (photo: Twitter)
TikTok ClearMode. (photo: Twitter)

On the other hand, TikTok’s intentions are understandable, since by removing distractions, users will spend more time immersed in a continuous video loop, but it is also surprising that with the large number of professionals uploading videos to this platform, the app itself removes copyright from the content when you enable this mode.

it’s just one beta test at this time, so the final version could still be seen in the future, in case it is a good option for all users who want to have a good time on the platform, as well as for them content creators.

How to Create a Slideshow Video on TikTok

You can create a slideshow video from the photos you have in the mobile phone.

It is not necessary to do anything because TikTok will take care of creating the video composition from them and also leads to a specific editing menu to manage the selected photos before publishing the video.

– Click on it + button to create a new video.

– To the right of the lower record button, there is another one called Carry. press it

– In the tabs above, click on the Photos.

– Now you have to select the photos you want to make in the slideshow video, and then press Following.

– TikTok will unite them, and take the user to a screen from which they can choose how they slide (horizontally or vertically), filters, which image is used as the cover and add sound.

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