TikTok takes inspiration from Twitter and tests a Repost option

Used to being copied by other social networks, TikTok will in turn be inspired by one of its competitors.

In its viewfinder, Twitter and its “retweet” function. The most downloaded application of 2020 will indeed set up a Repost option to re-share videos.

TikTok has its own “retweet” feature

TikTok is modeled on Twitter. After being inspired by Twitch with its PC software allowing to stream games live on its application, TikTok will nibble on the side of the bluebird for its new functionality. According to TechCrunch, the popular social network is testing a “Repost” button with some mainstream users.


TikTok tests PC game streaming app to take on Twitch

The new functionality will be nestled in the Share menu, where it is already possible to send videos to contacts privately or on social networks. However, unlike its model, the option comes with several constraints. So, when a user uses a repost option on a video on TikTok, it will not appear on their own profile, it will only be sent to their friends’ “For You” feeds. According to the American site, the reshared videos will only be visible to users who follow each other. What to avoid agreements between content creators to mutually republish content in mass. This nevertheless limits the scope of this new function, which otherwise could have had the algorithm.

Furthermore, the Repost button is not always accessible. TikTok decided against including it in their inbox or on the Discover tab. When you search your own “For You” feed on the platform, the option only shows for viewable videos. Users will only receive reposted suggestions if they are mutual friends with the person who uploaded the video. This prevents the producers from reaching an agreement on the bulk republication of information. As a result, for the time being, the functionality is restricted.


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Source: The verge

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