TikTok surpasses Google and this is not his last word

Yes, I know. You don’t have a TikTok account and you don’t know what it is all about. Me too. It does not change the fact that in terms of popularity, TikTok surpasses Google. And that raises a lot of questions.

2021 was not another ordinary year. The world has turned upside down, but a lot has changed on the Internet as well. Until recently, it could be assumed that even if the Internet went completely crazy, there is one constant in it, i.e. Google. In 2021, we cannot even be sure of this, because the Google.com domain was dethroned by TikTok.com.


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This is the result of the data prepared by Cloudflare. Like every year, this internet service provider showed its ranking of the most popular domains in the world. As we read in the measurement methodology :

Our global and national domain ranking is calculated from the aggregate data Cloudflare has about global internet traffic patterns. The domain information is shared with all websites, whether or not the website is managed by a Cloudflare customer.

Even last year, things were normal. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Netflix, Amazon, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. It was in the top ten in order of the most visited site. In 2021, TikTok surpasses Google and the list looks like this:

  • TikTok.com
  • Google.com
  • Facebook.com
  • Microsoft.com
  • Apple.com
  • Amazon.com
  • Netflix.com
  • YouTube.com
  • Twitter.com
  • WhatsApp.com
TikTok surpassed Google
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And it got weird. However, this is not the case, because TikTok was in the first or second place throughout the year, with small drops in May and July.

TikTok number one, but what does it actually mean?

TikTok is one of the youngest social networking sites that is only 5 years old. It started with the Douyin application, which the Chinese company ByteDance created in September 2016. Exactly a year later, ByteDance acquired its popular competitor in the west, musical.ly, for a billion dollars. The whole thing has been integrated under the name TikTok and has grown in strength since then. The increase in users is impressive:

  • 2017 – 65 million users,
  • 2018 – 133 million users,
  • 2019 – 381 million users,
  • 2012 – 700 million users
  • 2021 – over a billion users.


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This is still not much compared to Facebook’s 2.9 billion users (by the way, Facebook has more active users today than people around the world in 1950). The trends, however, are clear. Facebook as a social media is in retreat. The number of new users is few and the current ones become less active. Such a colossus will be alive and well for many years to come, but the example of TikTok shows that new, fresh applications can significantly shake the market order.

The first billion of TikTok fell by record speed.

There are really few applications and services in the world that have reached a billion users. Here are some examples along with the time it took to gather over 1 billion active users:

  • Windows: 26 years
  • Office: 22 years
  • Google: 12 years
  • Gmail: 12 years
  • Facebook: 9 years
  • YouTube: 8 years
  • Instagram: 8 years
  • WhatsApp: 7 years
  • Android: 6 years
  • TikTok: 5 years

Thus, TikTok is the social medium with the fastest collection of one billion active users per month.

TikTok forces changes on all players. Short video forms are the future.

TikTok’s success comes from form. The application is quite unusual, because it attacks us with content immediately, without the need to select the material on the home page. It is very fast and dynamic. The content is very short and appears one after the other.

Advanced TikTok users indicate that the recipient treats videos completely differently than on other platforms. When Instagram is dominated by comments written directly to the author (e.g. you look nice, I agree with you ), TikToku comments under the materials as if they were videos shared by someone else ( but she sings nicely, I agree with her ).

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The success of TikTok meant that the largest players among social networking sites began to quickly implement similar solutions in their own applications. Facebook (sorry, Meta ) chose Rolls on Instagram, and Google implemented Shorty on YouTube. This is a substitute for TikTok, but it doesn’t really work.

TikTok has come to the point where it creates trends and virals on its own. The entire website is based on the remix culture, and the creators are very eager to duplicate the ideas of others. New trends for a given type of film appear and disappear, and the website is competing for who will use a given trend in the most interesting way, i.e. lipsync. There are no social challenges like this in Skates or Shorts.


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TikTok surpasses Google and Beating the Google.com domain is really a huge event, even if it’s only based on data from one ISP. If I were to be Google and Facebook, I would start to fear a lot. In 10 years’ time, there may be nothing to collect from the hegemons of the Internet so far.

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