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TikTok Shop is already active: you can buy products within the application

The function developed by ByteDance will only be enabled for use in selected countries. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

An update of TikTok brought with it the launch of a new functionality that will allow users to make purchases online through the app of ByteDance without redirecting users off the platform. This feature also implies an expansion of the services offered by the platform to users in addition to the function of TikTokNow.


Since October of this year, the video platform had the intention of entering the market of e-commerce because a series of job offers were disseminated in which jobs related to the management of supply chaininternational warehouses, among other needs of infrastructure.

Limited access to in-app purchases

As it is a new function among those already offered by TikTokthe company decided that the initial launch of this feature will be limited to some territories, including the United Kingdom, Indonesia and seven other countries in Southeast Asia, according to the Web page Semafor news.


The access of users from the United States to this novelty occurred during this week, so in that country purchases can already be started within the platform.

Shopify, the online shopping platform, has teamed up with TikTok to offer the sale of <a href=products as a service, although this required users to be redirected to an external website
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Shopify, the online shopping platform, has teamed up with TikTok to offer the sale of products as a service, although this required users to be redirected to an external website

In addition, the qualification of the North American country includes the invitation to businesses to join the catalog of products offered by TikTok. On the other hand, in the case of other countries that have enabled the purchase function by Internetthese will still have to redirect users to make their purchases in websites external.

Live shopping could come to TikTok


According to The Verge, the social network would be interested in enabling a section of live shopping for users who have enabled the function of e-commerce during the end of the year holidays. In addition, this period would serve to test the capabilities of the warehouses and supply chain that was announced by the company in LinkedIn a few weeks ago.

In job postings, social network indicated that it was looking for a logistics solutions manager for the design of a Transport system of goods, order prediction and inventory management.

TikTok Job Offer on LinkedIn (Screenshot)
TikTok Job Offer on LinkedIn (Screenshot)

“The industry of electronic commerce It has had great growth in recent years and has become a competitive space among internet companies (…) With millions of users worldwide, we believe that TikTok it is an ideal platform to deliver a new and better trading experience to our users”, it was indicated in the job offer in LinkedIn.

mobile gaming platform

In addition to entering the electronic commerce market, TikTok intends to include a section dedicated to video games that would allow users to have fun in the time spent on the platform.

This new feature, which was reported by the Financial Times in October of this year, would not reach users in the form of an additional application of TikTok dedicated to the gamesbut would be integrated into the social network itself in the form of a tab dedicated to gamingso users should not perform a download to access this new content.

Although ByteDance indicated that this complementary platform would have the ability to offer various mobile game titles, it is not known if these games will be developed by ByteDance. TikTok or whether they will use third-party developers who can contribute content to your platform.


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