TikTok: how to activate subtitles and translations automatically

How to activate subtitles on TikTok
How to activate subtitles on TikTok

TikTok has introduced new features that will allow users to watch short videos with subtitles that will translate the information presented in the desired language, with the aim that content creators can reach audiences anywhere in the world.

However, since last year anyone who uploads content to the social network has the possibility of generate automatic subtitles for what is narrated in the videos, except that this tool was designed for people with hearing difficulties or who cannot listen to the videos in a specific place.

But with this new update, they are the viewers who will have the power to activate the automatic transcriptions or not, They will be able to do this by tapping on a specific icon in each video, instead of waiting for the content author to configure it.

In any case, for this occasion, the developers of the application have created this function thinking of those who like to learn languages ​​or watch content from other latitudes, since it is not only about subtitles but about the automatic translations that will now be generated. At the moment, the languages ​​in which subtitles can be activated are English, Portuguese, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and Turkish.

On the other hand, TikTok is developing a series of features for entrepreneurs, with the idea of ​​continuing to grow in Latin America and changing the concept of a dance site for generation Z that some people have on the platform.

According to Tatiana López, director of TikTok For Business for Latin America, this is nothing further from reality, since the application is consolidated for entrepreneurs as an entertainment site that generates business results.

In an exclusive interview with TechMarkup, López indicated that the idea is to offer solutions for entrepreneurs to create creative, authentic, and positive content. He also added that the platform is different from the typical social networks, since it does not show its users only the publications of their contacts, even if they are not attractive, but rather it shows content of interest that may be interesting to them according to what they have consumed lately.

Something very important is that this happens just when the daily consumption of the platform is 80 minutes per person globally, but in Latin America the number of views grows much more. Similarly, the number of registered users has reached 1,398 million worldwide, although in Latin America this application is very recent, so this type of initiative seeks to continue attracting audiences in the region.

These new TikTok For Business tools are arriving in this part of the world in an incipient and gradual way, since they are already in Brazil and will soon arrive in Mexico. The idea is that this platform works in a democratic way, so that anyone who has a business can enter and access the different ways of advertising.

What’s new about TikTok for advertisers?

Tatiana López explained that, on the one hand, the idea is that it can be scheduled in different formats; mainly through short videos, which are the main feature of the application. The idea with this is to attract people and include them as part of the campaign. It also offers the possibility of showing the campaigns in the Top View, which is the first video that is shown when opening the application.

However, the different patterns can also be shown in the feed for users to find the products and services of advertisers. But the most promising strategy to help entrepreneurs is the so-called “Hashtag challenge” with which brands can create their own labels and generate trends by disseminating and inviting users to do challenges related to the theme, doing massive trends are created.