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TikTok: Hashtag about books gets its own functionality in the app

TikTok announced on its official Twitter account the launch of a new feature called ‘BookTok’. (REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo)

The application of TikTok announced on his official account Twitter the launch of a new feature called ‘BookTok’, dedicated to its community of book-loving users, who made popular the hashtags of the same name on the social network to be able to make recommendations and talk about their favorite texts.

According to the publication in Web page of the platform, the new feature was developed in collaboration with Penguin Random House and will allow users to include links to books from the publishing house in their videos. In this way, people who click on the link will be directed to a page with information of the text inside the app.

Also, with this functionality videos that contain this feature can be saved to form a list of books to read within the app.

TikTok announced the launch of a new functionality called BookTok

In order to access this new feature of TikTok as content creatorusers must:

Record a video containing information about a particular book.

– Before publishing, click on the option add linklocated at the bottom of the screen.

– Inside the pop-up window, the Books option, which will allow you to add the link of a particular book within the video. You only have to write the name of the text.

– Once published, people who interact with the video will be able to find more information about the book by doing click on the link.

TikTok states that this feature is available only to app users at United States and the United Kingdomalthough a possible extension to the rest of the world in future updates.

More features on TikTok

In addition to the new BookTok feature, the platform announced that a new feature called TikTok Now has been added, which also has a companion app and is meant to use both cameras on a device to generate content.

TikTok Now (TikTok) new feature
TikTok Now (TikTok) new feature

The statement issued by the ByteDance social network indicates that the functionality will serve to generate “authentic and spontaneous connections” in which users content creators they will be able to show what they do at some point in the day, something similar to what BeReal with its notification system to publish.

Based on release information, users who want to use this new feature in TikTok They will receive a daily prompt to capture a 10-second video or photo of what they are doing at that precise moment that they can share on the platform.

An important feature that is part of this new feature is the ability for content creators to select the audience of your videos. You can use the option “Only friends can see”, which will be activated by default and only allows people who follow each other to access these videos; but there is also “Everyone”, so that anyone on the platform can interact with that content.

The TikTok Now feature is currently only in Spain, but will be rolled out to other countries and regions in the future. (The voice of Chile)
The TikTok Now feature is currently only in Spain, but will be rolled out to other countries and regions in the future. (The voice of Chile)

Although the function is in the testing phase in Spain, it is already available to users in that country both integrated into the TikTok application and as a separate application with the same name: TikTokNow.

The other regions and countries of the world will also be able to access this function and the Now application, but the developer company did not specify when they could be available in territories such as Latin America.


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