TikTok and Maluma have a new alliance

TikTok and Maluma have a new alliance

The Chinese short video platform TikTok announced a million dollar donation to the NGO El Arte de los Sueños, founded in 2017 by the Colombian artist Maluma and her sister Manuela, to contribute to the artistic education of children and young people disadvantaged with the opportunities of life.

The donation amount is USD$50,000, which will be used to continue advancing the NGO’s mission, which is to support urban culture and other forms of expression, such as compose and perform music, sing, produce, dance and paint.

“We have been working in our foundation for several years and we have given each child the attention and support they require. We have helped many to get off drugs, leave the streets and encourage them to fight for their dreams, that is our greatest reward”, Maluma told about the work of the Foundation in Antioquia during an internal TikTok event as part of the celebration of Latinx Heritage Month in 2021.

Juan Camilo Bolivar, head of contracts for TikTok, explains that the idea was born from the “renaissance through art, culture and creativity” that exists in Medellín.

Maluma’s NGO had a lot of participation during the COVID-19 pandemic

In the middle of the pandemicThe Art of Dreams provided a 12-month training program for at-risk youth that conducted live and virtual group workshops on topics ranging from self care until the emotional management, motivation, decision making and empowerment.

“We are excited to help this foundation, which shares one of our core values, building a better future through the free expression of ideas. In Colombia, there is a cultural revolution that is fueled by hope and perseverance that TikTok recognizes and supports”, Bolivar said.

Since 2017, The Art of Dreams has worked with thousands of young people in Colombia, with whom it has accompanied more than 3,000 individual psychology sessions, more than 500 group sessions and more than 7,000 hours of training.

What to do if a TikTok account was banned and no longer has the same views

There are many users who have posted videos on TikTok, but they no longer have the same likes as before. If this happens, they may have been victims of ‘shadowban’. It is a way for the social network more quickly control the content that is uploaded. If this has happened, TechMarkup brings the process to eliminate this type of sanction in TikTok.

Usually this happens when try to upload a video that violates the rules of use of the application. So the best way to fix this problem is to simply delete the videos that they think might have led you there.

Now, there is a trick to be able to remove the shadowban from a TikTok account. Before using it, it is necessary download the latest version of this video platform,so you have to go to the Play Store or app store to update it.

1. After the previous step, enter the tiktok profile and click on it three horizontal lines icon.

2. Two options will be displayed, select ‘Settings and privacy’.

3. Find the section ‘Privacy’ and then activate ‘Private account’.

4. Leave an account private for at least two weeks. Once that period ends, you have to disable that option and check that you no longer have a shadowban.

How is the previous step done? In a week, you have to upload a video with black background and white text with the following message: I’m testing this method to see if TikTok unshadowbans my account. If I go out in your For you, leave me a message please.

The first and second videos probably won’t get many views; however, the third, you will already be able to appreciate comments, likes and views, which will confirm that the TikTok account is no longer subject to this penalty.