Home Tech News TikTok and #HouseOfAnitta: the best plan for fans to meet the singer

TikTok and #HouseOfAnitta: the best plan for fans to meet the singer

TikTok and #HouseOfAnitta: the best plan for fans to meet the singer
HouseOfAnitta.  (photo: TikTok.com)
HouseOfAnitta. (photo: TikTok.com)

Released almost two months ago, ‘Versions of Me’, the fifth studio album Anitta, seems to be finally gaining a more lasting and constructive promotion. Previously, the singer had only revealed her new production through stories in Instagram.

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Today, TikTok Y Anitta announce an unprecedented partnership for the aforementioned singer’s latest album. Directed for two days in Los Angeles, ‘#HouseOfAnitta’ has the assistance of influencers and will present, among other actions, vexclusive videos and a fully interactive page.

“It is impossible to talk about Anitta and not think about creativity and entertainment, characteristics that also drive TikTok. We are very happy to bring all the diversity and authenticity of today’s best Brazilian singer to our platform. The result of this partnership is exclusive content featuring some of our biggest creators in the world,” he says. Roberta Guimaraes, Head of Music Content at TikTok Brazil.

What is the #HouseOfAnitta project about?

Anitta brought together important influencers from the environment so that they could be at her house sponsored by the application. On the site, all kinds of videos will be covered: choreographies, dances, games, challenges and unboxings will be performed by their guests with the presence of the star.

As mentioned above, the experience takes place over 2 days in Los Angeles, where they meet content creators from TikTok from Latin America, Jade Picon, Luara, Nicolle and Lucas Rangel from Brazil, brianda deyanara from Mexico, Legna Hernandez from Colombia, Bella Poarch from the United States and others, to hang out with Anitta along with her Latin rhythms.

“Creating ‘House Of Anitta’ with TikTok was a unique experience. My album, ‘Versions Of Me’, shows many sides of me and in this alliance, with the incredible creators we brought together and with the platform, I was able to immerse myself even more in the universe of this project. I hope my fans have fun and play too!” Anitta.

Anitta.  (photo: JC Online)
Anitta. (photo: JC Online)

To continue enjoying the action, TikTok will have a fully interactive page allusive to #HouseOfAnitta, where the community will be able to visit the artist’s house and relive the stages she has gone through during her career, giving her fans the opportunity to know her whole story.

As much as the idea brings global names, the strategy seems to be being developed especially for the public in Latin America. the profile of the social network American didn’t reveal anything about #HouseOfAnitta.

Music and TikTok, allies for the creation of dances and trends

Although TechMarkup recently made an article explaining How TikTok has changed the music industryAnitta is a clear example that this is an essential part of TikTok, since encourages users to use it in a different, unique and creative way, creating a common language.

Additionally, TikTok serves as a window for artists, both emerging and established, to connect with the platform’s users and fans in a unique way. And of course it can be confirmed after the thousands of videos that users have shown the physical prowess and Latin rhythms that try to recreate a step like that of ‘Envolver’, reaching a global audience.

Anitta’s success is so great that she has crossed cultural barriers and made an impact in the TikTok community with her hit Wrap. Only in the first quarter of 2021, Colombia entered the top 10 trending countries in Latin America with 260,000 videos.

Starting today, Wednesday, May 15, Anitta will take over TikTok, since the essence of Anitta will be found on the banner, the playlists and in different parts of the platform, from the funniest scene to her reggaeton rhythm.

Besides, new effects exclusive to Anitta will also be released, specially created for fans and the entire community to immerse themselves in #HouseOfAnitta.

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