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TikTok and Bacilos: users make the song “Caraluna” a trend with more than 680 thousand videos

TikTok has become one of the social media of many users and thanks to the fact that it is easy to create trends or make different songs fashionable, Several hits from the past have regained strength and have become known among young audiences.

Such is the case of ‘Moon face’, one of the most successful singles of the group bacilliwhich was launched 20 years ago and is currently a benchmark of the early 2000s.

‘Caraluna’, the success of Bacilos that is trending on TikTok

The musical theme began to become popular because various users began to create videos with it. So far, it adds more than 680 thousand contents generated. A choreography has even been created, which several are following and consists of standing up and moving the arms from one end to the other.

In addition, you can find the topic within the trends of the moment. With the purpose of continuing to innovate in terms of its content, the group also created its profile on TikTok, in which they share some songs and moments from the recording studio.

Next, TechMarkup leaves some of the most viewed videos on this social network:

The most viral and funny video so far of ‘Caraluna’ on TikTok

Charles Albert, A 15-year-old Colombian boy popularly known as Borrego is a sensation on social networks. With his daily TikTok videos, this enthusiastic teen has managed to captivate his almost four million followers creating content that talks about caring for animals and conserving the environment.

Along with his older brother Juan Diaz (manager and in charge of recording and editing all the digital content) this young man makes visible the effort required to work in the field. through your account “The Sheep Farm” Carlos exposes what his day-to-day is like in the rural area and shows what life is like for the animals and plants that he cares for.

In addition to this type of content, ‘Borrego’ also does trendy dances, like any other boy his age does. One of those clips has been highly commented on by his followers, due to an unforeseen event he had at the time of recording. And of course, It is a tiktok where he tries to do the choreography of the song ‘Caraluna’, by Bacilos.

And it is that the Colombian teenager had the idea of ​​making the video in the new pigsty where his pig is. In the images it is seen that the farmer jumps the fence and prepares to dance; however, the pig begins to chase him. Despite attempts to escape from the animal, the pig manages to take a bite out of the young man’s leg. Feeling the bite, Carlos decides to run and get out of the pigsty as soon as possible:

Who are Bacilli, and how did they influence the 2000s?

It is a pop band, formed in 1997, in Miami, Florida, by the Colombian Jorge Villamizar, the puerto rican Joseph Xavier Freire and the brazilian Andre Lopes.

This multinational Latin pop group has been part of great successes in Latin America over the years, with songs like ‘Tobacco and Chanel’, ‘Bésela Ya’, ‘My First Million’ and several Grammy awards as a documentary record.

Over time, this band has managed to stay current, thanks to these three hits, for which the public continues to remember them to this day. It is worth mentioning that they continue to release new music, although they have not hit again with another single like this (Caraluna).

In his official profile Spotifycount on more than five million monthly listeners. While ‘Caraluna’ exceeds 300 million views and ‘My first million’ has 150 million.


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