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TikTok: 6 tricks and functions to be an expert in the social network

TikTok It has millions of users around the world. But, there may be someone who will use the social network for the first time, and you probably don’t know all the features that allow you to get the most out of it.


TechMarkup brings we bring a compilation of 6 functions and tricks of TikTok, one of the main social networks today. With each passing year, this social network continues to grow more and more. It’s a small video network that even Goal tried to replicate with Instagram Reelsbut still has a very large advantage over its competition.

There may be some user on TikTok who is familiar with uploading videos, making duets and other functions of the TikTok. application from ByteDancebut the following list may contain tricks that not even the most expert knew:


Create a slideshow video

You can create a slideshow video from the photos you have in the mobile phone. It is not necessary to do anything because TikTok will take care of creating the video composition from them and also leads to a specific editing menu to manage the selected photos before publishing the video.


– Click on it + button to create a new video.

– To the right of the lower record button, there is another one called Load. press it

– In the tabs above, click on the Photos.


– Now you have to select the photos you want to make in the slideshow video, and then press Following.

– TikTok will join them, and will take the user to a screen from which they can choose how they slide (horizontally or vertically), the filters, which image is used as the cover and add sound.

Videos only in certain languages

A small curiosity that TikTok hides is its ability to make content appear only in certain languages. It’s a setting where you can add as many as you like and videos won’t appear in languages ​​you don’t understand.

– Come into Profileand click on the button Menu.

– Click on the option Settings and privacy.

– Inside, click on Content preferenceswithin the section Content and activity.

– Here click on video languagesand on the next screen you can add the languages ​​in which you want to see the content.

So you can change the end to another’s TikTok

Another function that can be done is to edit someone else’s video to change the ending, trim it and add another video that has been recorded. It can be used to create videos where the user reacts to what others have done.

– Enter the account some user and in one of your videos, or directly in a video.

– Click on the button Share that you have in the options column on the right.

– If this person allows duets, the option will appear Paste. Click on it.

– You will go to a screen where the video of the other person will be edited, and in it you will be able to cut out the part you want.

– Once a part is cut and clicked on Followingthe camera will open so that a video can be recorded or uploaded next.

Record lip sync videos

Another great feature is being able to insert music into a video, just to make it epic, or make classic lip sync videos, where your lips move like you’re singing.

It is one of the special features of social networks, so there are quite a few tools to make them the best they can be.

– Open the application and press the icon + to create a new video.

– Click on the icon add sound that appears at the top of the screen.

– Now select a song and accept it.

– In the options on the right, click on the icon of the musical note with scissors.

– You will go to a screen where you can cut the music track that was previously chosen to choose a specific fragment.

– Now you just have to record yourself doing lip sync while the selected fragment plays in the background.

Limit who can see each video that is uploaded

Once you have created a video and are in the final step of adding a description, you will find an option called Who can see this.

With this function, you can make a video public so that everyone can see it, private so that only you can see it or only his friends. So even if the profile is public, you can still make the content a bit more private.

Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark

If you want to download other people’s videos, there are also some methods to download without watermark.

The first method is save video url, use the sharing options and choose to copy the address. Then go to sites like either where you simply have to paste the link to download them.

You can also download videos without watermark using Telegramthe messaging app.

All you have to do is open a chat with the bot Y share video url that you want to download. The bot will download it without the watermark.

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