Tik Tok tests the history function so as not to lose the videos that have already been seen: how it works

Tik Tok tests the history function so as not to lose the videos that have already been seen: how it works

TikTok is one of the Applications that grew the most in audience in recent times thanks to its short videos that are highly sought after either as a form of entertainment and even for learning. In fact, the app reached one billion users last year.

This platform is a space for interaction used by content creators of all kinds. That is why it is often useful to save material that has been seen previously to look at it later.

With this objective is that the social network is testing a history function, with which you could review a list of previously viewed videos, as anticipated TechCrunch. This option, available at the moment only with some users, allows you to find videos that appeared on the “For You” page and that could not be saved.

Given the number of videos on the platform, refreshing that page often results in lost videos that have been viewed without having the opportunity to reserve or put them aside to watch again later. With this new function that problem would be solved.

Twitter user Hammod Oh was one of the first to spot this new tool and share a screenshot showing how it will be implemented. Apparently, the playback history on TikTok can be accessed from the “content and activity” section, which is in the app’s settings.

It should be noted that there are methods available to find clips watched on the platform, but they are not that simple. like the possibility of directly adding a button to view the history, which is what is being tested.

One of the options mentioned that is already in force consists of going to the search engine and then click the filters button, displayed next to the magnifying glass icon, which are two lines. Then you have to go to Activity and activate the button that says “Videos viewed in the last 7 days”. By applying this filter, the results that will be displayed will only correspond to videos that have already been viewed by the user.

Another alternative is to download all the application data and then look in the download file for the option that says video history. This is a much less practical option.

Fortunately, the search function will be simplified since the system will offer an easily accessible native tool. Without a doubt, it is one of the novelties most demanded by users to interact more effectively with the content.

Suspension of transmissions

For a few weeks the platform suspended live broadcasts from Russia in response to the new law to prevent “fake news” that actually seeks to silence dissidents and limit coverage of the invasion to Ukraine.

“We have no choice but to suspend live streaming and new content from our video service while we review the security implications of this law,” the company announced in a series of tweets.

The measure of TikTok, owned by the Chinese company ByteDance Ltd.comes after Russia’s parliament passed legislation that imposes prison sentences on those accused of spreading what is known as false news about the actions of the Russian army.

It also punishes public actions that seek to discredit the actions of the Russian Army in “defending the interests of Russia and its citizens, in preserving international security and peace,” as detailed in the regulations.

This initiative has been repudiated by several platforms and organizations around the world that have been silenced or restricted. It should be noted that some social networks, What Twitter, have implemented the use of Tor so that your content arrives, without limitationsto users in Russia.