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Three ways to charge an iPhone and which is the most efficient

Three ways to charge an iPhone and which is the most efficient
Three ways to charge an iPhone battery. (Apple Insider)

One of the reasons why users decide to renew the model of iphone they have is because the performance of the drums Of the device decays over time. Over the months and years, the state of this component it is no longer the same as before and it takes longer to fully charge.

In addition, it must be considered that all the batteries of the iphone they stop having the same performance. A 100% charge of a device completely new does not have the same duration as that of a cell phone Manzana with three years of use also charged to the 100%. This is because the storage capacity of Energy is reduced.

the health of the drums will depend not only on the time that the devicebut it will also do so according to the charging habits that the user has with their iphone. There are three ways in which you can load the Energy within a drums:

iPhone charging via Lightning cable


The most common method is to use a common charger to iphone that connects the device to an electrical outlet by means of a cable lightningat least for now until a transition to a cable entry occurs usb type c as established by the European Union At least for that market.

iPhone charger with lightning cable.  (photo: ComputerHoy.com)
iPhone charger with lightning cable. (photo: ComputerHoy.com)

This would be the most quick Y efficient to charge the devices because the drivers electrical devices are physically in contact, allowing for better transfer of Energy with minimal loss of heat. However, this comes at a cost, which is that users who consistently enable the feature fast charge they degrade the state of your battery faster.


The iphone have the ability to manage fast charging so that even when you reach a 80% of the battery capacity, the device proceed to a slower process until reaching the 100% Of capacity. However, this feature will wear out the electrodes faster and will hurt the phone in the medium term.

iPhone charging via Qi charger

These types of chargers are not magnetic as he is MagSafe in any of its available models, but rather Qi use contact with devices to transfer electrical energy wireless to drums Of the device.

Qi charger for iPhone
Qi charger for iPhone

However, this method of burden is highly inefficient because it is possible to generate a misalignment between the components internals of iphone who are responsible for this type of load and the support Qi used to perform the process.

Even if it doesn’t seem like this mode of burden be inefficient because the phone starts the charging period as soon as it is placed on the surface of the Qi chargera possible misalignment can generate a loss of energy and generate a lower charging speed, which can eventually generate more heat so it is damaged drums of device.

iPhone charging via MagSafe charger

Unlike the Qi charger, the mounts MagSafe solve the problem of the alignment of the internal components of the iphone with those that integrate the charger.

12/02/2020 Apple's double MagSafe.  APPLE RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY
12/02/2020 Apple’s double MagSafe. APPLE RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY

However, like the loading method above, it is less efficient when moving the Energy to the device because there is no direct contact between the components, but instead there is a electromagnetic field responsible for the process.

This form of charging can also heat up the iphone, although to a lesser extent than Qi chargers. Also, it can become more Quick due to the magnetic contact that exists between the components.

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