Three Spider-Man, the new James Bond and the epic “Dune”. The best blockbusters of 2021

The best blockbusters of 2021 ? These films stole the hearts of viewers during the pandemic. Regardless of the dangers of the coronavirus, we rushed to meet them, tempted by the promise of spectacular entertainment. We got it in Marvel blockbusters (“Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings”), fueled by exhaust and adrenaline soap operas (“Fast and Furious 9”), or even a modest sequel to horror (“Silent Place 2“).
These movies became the best blockbusters because we rushed to the movies in large numbers. Each of them turned out to be a box office hit. Even if the earnings did not meet the expectations of the label, the producers still have nothing to complain about. The creators of these titles provided us with what we needed during the pandemic – spectacular entertainment. We found most of it in “Spider-Man. No way home”, but it was also in “Silent Place 2”, “Free Guyu” or “Fast and Furious 9”.


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The best blockbusters of 2021

A quiet place 2

“Ciche Miejsce 2” had an immeasurably smaller budget than other films included in this list. It only cost $ 17 million. That was enough to make production around the world almost 230 million. Nothing unusual. After all, we are dealing here with a long-awaited sequel to a horror film enthusiastically received by audiences and critics. The creators managed to keep the level of their predecessor and reveal more secrets of their fascinating world to us.

Box office: $ 297.4 million.


Why does the iconic antagonist of “100 Dalmatians” want to turn every dotted quadruped into fur? We found the answer in this movie. $ 100 million of the budget was allocated, among others, to for impressive sets, beautiful costumes and, of course, the pay of the charming Emma Stone. All this gave enough effect that even despite the hybrid premiere, the film made quite a decent profit.

Box office: $ 233.3 million.

Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings

Shang-Chri and the legend of the ten rings – box office – trailerHere’s the second of four MCU movies to hit our screens this year. Due to the pandemic, we missed superheroes and we rushed to each of them. “Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings” turned out to be much better than “Black Widow” or “The Eternals”. Disney is expanding the genre catalog of Marvel’s comic adaptations, extending their offer with productions under the sign of wuxia. There is no shortage of spectacular fights, humor and fantastic creatures.

Box office: $ 432.3 million.


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Jungle Expedition

Dwayne Johnson is so charismatic that for each subsequent film with his participation, we run as soon as it hits theaters. Here he is partnered with Emily Blunt. Together they cross the Amazon jungle, infusing viewers with the spirit of the New Adventure Cinema. There is humor, there is mysticism, there is action – this is how the roller coasters are transferred to the big screen.

Box office: $ 220.9 million.

Free Guy

It’s neither a sequel nor a prequel, nor is it part of a big franchise. And yet, in the past year, he managed to make some noise at the box office. This is largely due to the crowd’s favorite Ryan Reynolds, who plays a similar role here as usual. Jadaczka is not closed to him and he is a naïve – but he is the one who will save the world of video games around him. It is impossible to be bored during the screening.

Box office: $ 331.5 million.

Godzilla vs. Kong

After “Kong” and the second “Godzilla”, we lost hope that MonsterVerse could still arouse any emotions. It took Adam Wingard to show us otherwise. “Godzilla vs. Kong” delivers exactly what the title promises. There is no shortage of huge monsters. The spectacularity beats the viewer in the eyes every now and then. Maybe there were no more expressive human figures, but who would care when the next kaiju flex their muscles here?

Box office: $ 467.9 million.


Diuna – box office – trailerWatching this movie outside theaters should be a punishable offense. Nevertheless, “Dune” made her debut on the big screen and HBO Max at the same time. However, it is only in the first one that you can fully appreciate the scenery, photos, effects and music. It is a monumental production that overwhelms the viewer with each successive scene. It wasn’t that obvious, but it turned out to be such a box office success that the labels behind it gave the green light to the sequel.

Box office: $ 394.6 million.

It’s not time to die

How could the latest James Bond be missing from such a list? Due to the pandemic, the premiere of the film was postponed once. And then another. But in the end, we finally got to say goodbye to Daniel Craig as agent 007. And what a goodbye it was! Calm, calm, emotional. However, exciting enough that the film turned out to be a box-office success. He did not earn as much as the label would like (estimated at a billion dollars), but it did not come out badly.

Box office: $ 774 million.


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Fast and Furious 9

Vin Diesel says something about family. Bent over action. Vin Diesel says something about family again. Even more bent action. Vin Diesel says something about the family again. More … Really? Wow! This is roughly how the last parts of “Fast and the Furious” can be summarized. In the latest installment, two heroes fly into space! Yes, by car. The box office results confirm that we all love this exhaust and adrenaline-fueled soap opera. For this reason, nine, with a squeal of tires, broke into the top of this ranking.

Box office: $ 726.3 million.

Spider-Man. No way home

Spider-Man. No way home – box office – trailerFrom the sanctuary, the head does not hurt. Unless, of course, it is properly served. The creators here multiply antagonists from the previous universes of the Spider Man, and even the long-awaited superheroes appear. Jon Watts, however, knows how to bring them in and guide them so that they have all these hands and feet. Given the hype it has managed to keep up with, it should come as no surprise that this is the biggest blockbuster movie of the pandemic era.

Box office: $ 1.2 billion.

Best blockbusters of 2021 – we had the most fun in these movies

Each of the films included in the above list deservedly became a cinema hit. Among them, there were superhero titles, long-awaited sequels or completely original projects. They have stolen the hearts of viewers around the world, providing them with the entertainment they expected or needed in these uncertain times.

These movies will keep you company

What do you think about best blockbusters of 2021 ? Let us know in the comments.

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