Three practical recommendations to save battery on an Android cell phone

Three practical recommendations to save battery on an Android cell phone

The android phones they have many settings that vary by version and brand. It will take time to go through all the settings, but there are some that can be useful if they are configured in advance for the saving of battery.

That the screen does not take so long to turn off

The cell phone screen turns off automatically after a while, normally 2 minutes. The less the screen is on, the less battery the phone uses.

That yes, there are users who need the screen on because they are working visualizing something important in the smartphone or because they are watching a video. Depending on the use, it can be adjusted to the need of the person.

can be changed from Settings > Display > Screen timeout.

Optimize the battery to the maximum with the applications

Some cell phones are too restrictive with apps, closing them with the slightest excuse to extend battery life. Although it is an effective way to prolong battery life.

This feature is highly carrier dependent, so it will sometimes be seen as an additional permission for apps, in the menu Battery.

when is enabledit generally works the same way: all apps are displayed and you can disable battery optimization for important ones, so you have to make sure that are not closed while running in the background.

Activate Always On Display mode

Always On Display is a system in which the screen smartphone it’s always on and shows basic information like the time, date, and notifications. When the phone goes into “sleep” mode, instead of turning off the screen, it turns into a kind of clock.

Always On Display takes advantage of a OLED screen which reduces power consumption while keeping the screen on. It’s the same principle that saves battery in dark mode on iPhone: black pixels are completely off.

To activate Always On mode on Android, the following steps must be performed:

1. The process to enable Always On Display (AOD) Mode varies by manufacturer and device. On basic Android at Pixel and other phones, it’s in the lock screen settings section, although in other mobiles it may be necessary to search a little more.

2. All you have to do is find and activate the ‘Screen on’. This option may have different names depending on the manufacturer. It can sometimes appear with the names ‘display always on’, ‘Always On’, ‘Always On Mode’, or as in google-pixel, ‘Always show information and time’. Here you have to find the mode and enable it.

3. The fastest is use android settings finder, which is at the top. In that search engine, you have to type phrases like always on, always or screen, then search the results for any reference to something like always on.

The data: Depending on the mobile device, there are cases in which you can also select other elements that you want to show in this always-on screen mode. In Pixels there is not much to choose from, but in mobile phones from other manufacturers you can find a wide range of styles, options and customization possibilities.