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Three options to watch any content on Chromecast, Google’s streaming device

Chrome cast. (photo: Topes de Gama)

TechMarkup brings a guide to know how to send any content to google chromecast, so that the user does not depend on whether or not the application they need is compatible with the service.

To do any of these three methodsyou have to make sure that the mobile device either Tablet is on the same Wi-Fi network as the Chromecast, that it is connected and working.

From there, if the usual method of seeing the Chromecast icon in the app does not appear or does not work, there are three alternatives:

1. Show the cell phone screen with mirroring

The best method to view any content on your mobile device on Chromecast is through the screen mirroring or also known as mirroring.

The purpose is to share the entire screen so any movement will be seen on the television.

And here is the trick, because once you have reflected what is happening on the screen of the smartphone with the Chromecast, the user simply has to open whatever content they want on the mobile device and will instantly mirror on the Chromecast.

The transmission of the screen and all the content is done through the technology Google Cast, which is included in most phones Android; and all you need to do is access quick settings to find ‘Send Screen’ button, ‘Project Screen’ or something similar.

Now you just have to choose the TV in the list of devices and that’s it.

Use the Mirror option on Android or iPhone. (photo: Andro4All)
Use the Mirror option on Android or iPhone. (photo: Andro4All)

2. Using Google Chrome

Any content can be sent from the browser, with a process very similar to the previous one. All because the browser Chrome It also allows you to send content.

All you have to do is start watching what you want and click the Google Cast icon that will appear in the upper right corner of the playback window.

This will activate the function Send From Browser, which can also be accessed from the top right three-dot menu in Chrome.

In this shipping window, you have to select the Chromecast you have connected to the TV from the list of compatible devices on the Wi-Fi network.

GoogleCast. (photo: Watch How It's Done)
GoogleCast. (photo: Watch How It’s Done)

3. Use third-party apps

Finally, there are third-party apps that can cast content to Chromecast from any phone.

One of the options is web video cast, available on Android via google play Y iOS via app store. But in the app stores of both operating systems phones you can find many more.

This free application allows stream any internet content. To do this, you have to find the URL of the content, which you can then send directly to Chromecast, even if the web does not support it.

Web VideoCast. (photo: Technifyr)
Web VideoCast. (photo: Technifyr)

What improvements can include the new generation of Chromecast

One of them could be AV1 codec support, a video compression system that allows greater efficiency when playing online content without sacrificing quality.

AV1 codec. (photo: Xataka Smart Home)
AV1 codec. (photo: Xataka Smart Home)

Google also can include more storage in this Chromecast next generation. According to the data, the current model has only 8 GB of which, half is occupied by the system. This leaves users with 4GB free to install apps.

Google Chromecast from 2022 should also include other improvements, such as a new remote or a new processoralthough it would maintain the same design and format.

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