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Three golden tips to get thousands of followers in Kwai

Social networks like kwai They have opened a window of opportunity for all people, since they allow anyone to upload content, however, not everyone manages to achieve fame and gain many followers. For those interested in grow your account can follow three tips which you will find below.

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At the moment the short video format is the one that is impacting the virtual world and it is even competing for entertainment with streaming platforms like Netflix or Disney +.

This is explained by a study conducted by Opera Mediaworks, shared by Kwai, who points out that videos that are between 6 and 8 seconds long have a engagement superior those of long content by 36 percent.


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Although TikTok is the platform for short videos par excellence, Kwai offers other opportunities, for example, it seeks to give visibility to all lifestyles with positive and inclusive contentsince it has algorithms that do not discriminate profiles.

How to win an audience with short videos

1.- Hold a content strategy over time is very important and results can be seen quickly. The more videos uploaded, the more visibility the algorithm will give inclusive of Kwai. That is why it is important that the user interested in gaining followers makes a space in his agenda to generate content, ideally, at least one video per day. This will help appear more in the “For you” section and it will make it reach new audiences.

2.- Make sure that what is being published is useful content, that is to say that it is of value for those who are going to look at it. Anything she informs, educates, or entertains will be friendlier to Kwai. It can be a trick to generate a conversation with the audience to get more comments and likes.

3.- The first three seconds of the video are essential because it is how long it takes a user to decide if the content interests him or not. So the first thing that has to be mentioned in the audio and in writing is the title, that is, what the video is about, so it will attract the attention of users.

The platform also recommends check the “discover” section, since the most used hashtags and the trends of the moment are announced weekly there. By checking it daily you can have a guide of what content to generate that is related to the trend of the week.

Finally, the ideal is use applications to edit video. This format is the most popular in Kwai, and you should take advantage of the tools available for this purpose and obtain professional results. Many of those editing apps are intuitive and can be run on almost all Android and iOS phones.

By adding details like filters, voiceover, music and more, in addition to getting a cleaner result, you can print a own style that makes the account stand out from the others. Similar to other platforms, creators can monetize their content, which must also have a wide audience.


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It should be remembered that Kwai is a short video application developed by Kuaishou Technology, an Asian technology company focused on the development of content sharing platforms where content creation, distribution and consumption are fast and easy, as well as inclusive and diverse.

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