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Three free courses to learn to code with Google

With three courses, the company gives users basic knowledge.

Programming is one of the most required skills today in the workplace and not only for people who have jobs related to systems engineering, but even graphic designers, architects and even musicians. they can take much advantage of this work that allows to establish platforms for different services.

That’s why since Google They announced three free courses that are available to all users to learn basic and advanced concepts of this work in educational processes that can last from one hour onwards.

First level of the course: principles

To start, the company makes available a basic level for become familiar with the “basic principles of programming”. This will be a unique one hour module for beginners.

In this first step, knowledge will be acquired to understand what code is, how it works, programming languages, the implementation of code in everyday life and how to work with it.

“Everything we use, like laptops, vending machines, and cars, runs on code. But do you know what it is? In these videos, you will become familiar with the concept of “code”, you will discover why there are so many programming languages ​​and how they are combined to do specific tasks. Above all, you will understand why having basic programming knowledge can be useful to you”, informs the company about this first level.

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Google offers free tutorials to learn basic concepts.

Second level: web development

With these basic concepts, the world of possibilities opens up and for those who want to take a step forward, there is a second course divided into two parts that have a stronger intensity, each one of 40 hours, because it is oriented to much deeper points such as HTML and CSS web development.

All this is used to learn how to build web pages, solve problems in them, domain construction and many more topics oriented to that section to have a site that works completely in either of the two languages.

The particularity of this level is that it has an IEI certification from the University of Alicantewhich can be added to the resume, which will be a big boost for many job seekers.

With a free course, users can learn how to create their own applications.
With a free course, users can learn how to create their own applications.

Third level: mobile apps

Finally, the latter is important for today’s standards in which there is practically an application for everything and users are looking for more solutions. The course has eight modules, so it also has an intensity of 40 hours and continues to be oriented for people with basic knowledge.

Here you will learn everything to create a mobile application from its design, resources, planning to market research to know where to point with these developments and current needs, in addition to advertising and SEO strategies to make apps easier to find in virtual stores.

This course also offers a certification from the Complutense University of Madrid, lor that can be a boost for many.

The three courses mentioned are independent and do not require one of the other to start or get certified. They are available on the page Google Activatewhere there is another wide variety of educational offers that are free.

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