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Three channels to watch free movies on YouTube

Some YouTube channels may offer users a wide variety of movies for free. (REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo)

platforms of streaming such as Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, among others, are consumed by users who want to be entertained by watching movies or series at home or anywhere else with a suitable connection. However, it is also possible to find similar content free.

YouTube, if searched well, can offer users a wide variety of films for free beyond the productions of YouTube Originalswhich are currently no longer part of the series of benefits for the payment of a subscription to the platform.

These are some channels where you can watch full movies for free:

For lovers of the classics

If users want to watch classic movies, the YouTube channel MULTIMEDIA CINETEL offers a catalog of more than 2,500 different contents. Belonging to a Spanish audiovisual content producer and distributor, this YouTube space not only has films, but also series and documentaries Made between the 30s and 40s.


Among the outstanding products of this channel you can find The Jungle Book (1942), Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (1943), The Great McClintock (1963), The New Adventures of Tarzan (1935), among other productions based on books.

Most current options

The Movie Central channel offers the latest catalog of full length movies for free. According to the information presented on YouTube, this space is licensed by copyright holders and distributors. Its content is in English, although some movies have subtitles generated within YouTube.

YouTube Movie Central (Screenshot)
YouTube Movie Central (Screenshot)

In this channel you can find movies of different genres, such as action, comedy, science fiction, horror, among others, and it updates its content list every day.

The Golden Age of Hollywood

For lovers or curious of this era of American cinema, Pizza FLIX is a suitable option. This project, created by professionals in the film industry, who control “one of the largest libraries of movies and television”, according to what the information tab on the channel expresses.

YouTube PizzaFLIX (Screenshot)
YouTube PizzaFLIX (Screenshot)

Its creators also indicate that each title on YouTube requires up to 12 hours of digital remastering before being encrypted for upload. Additionally, all titles are presented with 100% worldwide commercial audio and video streaming rights.

Several films are uploaded to this channel on a monthly basis, so the catalog continues to be updated to this day.

beyond the movies

For its part, as a platform, YouTube is presenting a more diversified content. Not only with the inclusion of the Shorts as a way to promote the production of short videosbut also with the gradual incursion of podcasts as part of the content that has been interested in promoting.

For at least some accounts, YouTube has created a new section within the ‘Explore’ tab, which will allow users to find popular podcasts just as it currently does with videos related to video games, sports or music.

The idea of ​​promoting the production of this content on the platform is not new to YouTube, as Bloomberg reported that, in March of this year, Youtube tried to attract podcast producers with amounts of $50,000 to fund individual podcasts and $200,000 to $300,000 for podcast networks.


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