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Three applications to make the Christmas shopping list

Christmas shopping list apps

There are different virtual tools to create the list of gifts, food and earrings at Christmas. Below are the recommended ones to organize at this time.


It is available for devices Android Y iOS, it is a free option although it also has some functions with a payment option. Here you can create to-do lists that include images and videos, as well as add links direct to others websites.

Evernote, the application to make shopping lists
Evernote, the application to make shopping lists

In addition, they can generate reminders shopping, writing notes about gifts, and establishing categories and labels so that when searching for any data, it is much easier to find it.

Because it’s an app multi platformusers can create the lists from a computer without the need to use a smartphone by creating a username and password.

Google Keep

The application of Google Keep has functions similar to those of evernotealthough in addition to being multiplatform, it can be shared through the services of Google with other people, who can join the edition Of content.

Google Keep, the application to make shopping lists
Google Keep, the application to make shopping lists

Users can generate voice notes that can be automatically transformed into reminders; Also, you can create drawings or sketches.

Keep has with a extension available for browser Google Chrome with which you can set notes without leaving other websites. These can be organized with specific labels by content or theme, colors, among other customizable details available from the Web page from

Another of its benefits is that you do not need a login as it is part of the list of products on Google. To access it, you only need to have one account, so its use does not depend on the devicebut the information stored is also accessible from other computers.


It has the ability to generate lists of purchases that can be grouped and categorized into different collections to differentiate those of presents for family, friends and the necessary products for the dinner of Christmas.

Listonic, the application to make shopping lists
Listonic, the application to make shopping lists

Also, as an added feature, it has a function that shows a progress bar with which users can see which lists have been completed by 100% and which ones are still missing products or gifts to buy, which can also be indicated according to their priority even within the same list, so that a sense of urgency can be added to each element that composes it.

This app is available for download for free for both devices iOS What Android.

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