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Three applications developed by Google for Android smartphones and what they are for

Google LLC has a total of 96 mobile applications that users can download. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

As a technology company, Google not only develops the operating system of smartphones Androidbut also has the ability to create applications for its own services such as Google MapsGoogle translateGoogle search engine, Google Drive, gmailmeet, Youtube and many others.

Nevertheless, Google LLCwhich is the label under which these free-to-use platforms are located on the Play Storehas a total of 96 applications for mobile devices that users can to download depending on their needs and their professions. Some of them are aimed at developers and programmers.

These are some with functions that might be useful to users:

Google Family Link

This application is aimed at users who are fathers or mothers and works as a Parental control to facilitate the protection of children and young people under age on the internet. According to Googlethis platform allows adults to foster the development of digital habits healthier for your children, such as setting screen time limits on a device and a selection of contents appropriate for the age of the young user.

Google Family Link app
Google Family Link app

Other information of relevance to parents that is available with Family Link are the location of the children by means of location by GPSin addition to alarms and notifications related to locations specific, percentage remaining battery on the device, among other functions.

You can also manage the installation of applications and limit them so that they cannot be used Google Play Storealthough it will be possible to download content updates for those that are already installed on the device.

google fi

The application of google fi has the objective of providing users with a data plan tailored to their needs and that only performs charges by data that is used effectively, so that the person has the ability to moderate their consumption on their own rather than being limited by availability. According to Google“all plans come with great coverage, privacy and safety, and family functions.”

Google Fi app
Google Fi app

Regarding privacy, the company indicates that it offers the service of VPN built-in to keep your online connection private and inaccessible to hackers, encryption end-to-end to protect both calls and messages between telephones of Androidamong other features.

In addition, it is also possible to include relatives within the coverage of this appgenerating parental control functions such as availability for calls only by contacts trusted, decide how much data can be used on that device, and share Location. Although it is only available to users residing in the United States, it is possible to use it in a limited way in other countries.

Google’s Socratic

This application is intended for users youths who are pursuing advanced levels of education such as secondary Y college. Among its characteristics is the use of artificial intelligence to be able to generate answers to class work for these educational levels. Although he is able to give solutions to problems, this platform also generates detailed explanations of the processes to improve the learning.

Google's Socratic App
Google’s Socratic App

According to Googleit is also possible to access online teaching resources to resolve doubts through videos explanations of a wide variety of courses such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, biology, chemistry, physics, history, and literature.

On the other hand, the company indicates that one of the advantages of the app is to allow studying each subject at the pace desired by the student, so that the learning be suitable for each person.

Read Along by Google

The Read Along app is designed to help children learn to read while having fun in the process thanks to a virtual companion who listens to the child’s progress during the learning sessions and offers help when necessary. In addition, it has a reward system to encourage progress in achieving goals.

Read Along by Google app
Read Along by Google app

According to Googlethis platform is capable of working without an internet connection once it has finished installing on the device assigned. It also allows generating learning experiences in nine languages, including Spanish and English.

The company that develops this platform It also indicates that this is free of charge and that advertising or additional charges for access to educational material have not been included.

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