Threads breaks a new record and reaches 30 million users

Threads breaks a new record and reaches 30 million users

In a bold coup in the social media arena, Threads, Meta’s new proposition, has reached an impressive number of users, gaining ground against Twitter and garnering global attention.

There is no doubt that the competition in the social media landscape is intensifying. On Friday 07 July, Threads, Meta’s brand new social network, set a new record: 30 million users in just 18 hours of activity. An impressive result that underlines the influence and growing power of Meta in the digital world.

The new social network’s rapid growth came as no surprise, considering Meta’s shrewd move to integrate Threads with Instagram. This integration has enabled a quick and smooth transition of users to the new platform, helping to fuel initial momentum for her.

By clearly outlining her intentions, Threads has earned the nickname “Twitter Killer” . The title has proven itself well, with Threads overtaking Twitter in terms of downloads on both the Play Store and App Store in the UK and US. According to analyst Jasmine Enberg, the new social network has attracted a large number of users dissatisfied with the recent management of Twitter by tycoon Elon Musk.

The fight for social media supremacy has just begun, and Mark Zuckerberg has struck decisively. Threads’ stellar performance and its intuitive, easy-to-navigate user interface align perfectly with Meta’s reputation for building high-quality, user-friendly social media platforms.

However, Threads’ meteoric rise has not gone unnoticed. Twitter has threatened to sue Meta, accusing it of exploiting its former employees to “copy” the platform and create Threads. This accusation adds a new level of tension to the already fierce rivalry between the two social media giants.

The rise of Threads represents a significant moment in the ever-changing dynamic of the social media landscape. The initial success of the social network demonstrates not only the growing influence of Meta, but also the desire of users to experiment with new platforms and ways of digital interaction. As the battle between Threads and Twitter intensifies, it will be interesting to see how the fight for supremacy in the social media world unfolds. For sure, the digital revolution has just begun.