This was the ‘Star Wars’ movie directed by Guillermo del Toro that we never saw

Back in 2015, Guillermo del Toro shared his idea for Star Wars. The popular Mexican filmmaker had been thinking about a gangster story for some time, which style The Godfather recreate how Jabba the Hutt He became the crime lord of Tatooine. The curious thing about the matter is that this type of approach to the universe has already taken place, fundamentally through The Boba Fett book. Before this series existed, however, Del Toro had already had the opportunity to actively participate in the saga.

This is what the screenwriter has revealed David S. Goyerduring an interview on the podcast Happy Sad Confused. Apparently, Goyer wrote a script for Del Toro to direct back in 2019, but it didn’t come together. “I wrote a never-produced movie Star Wars that Guillermo del Toro I was going to direct. That was four years ago,” says the screenwriter of The dark knight. “At that time Lucasfilm had a lot going on, but it’s a great script. There is a lot of very cool artwork.”

2019 was a hectic year, indeed. Parallel to that The Mandalorian will debut in Disney+the film division of Star Wars had finished falling apart with the reception of The Rise of Skywalker. Goyer claims to have another project related to the saga. “I also have a treatment for a film about the origins of the Jedi that I wrote for them and it took place 25,000 years before the first movie Star Wars. So I had to do the thing Immortal Vader VRbut go directly into Star Wars “It would have been fun for me.”

Immortal Vader VR is a virtual reality video game that came out in 2019, focused on Darth Vader and with a script by Goyer. The approach of his other script seems to adjust point by point to what James Mangold wants to do right now with an upcoming feature film Star Warswhich Lucasfilm announced in parallel with a sequel with Daisy Ridley of The Rise of Skywalker and a movie Dave Filoni that culminated the narrative lines of The Mandalorian, The Boba Fett book and Ahsoka.

As the unfinished project has been announced, Del Toro has confirmed it via Twitter. Being very enigmatic, yes. “TRUE. I can’t say much. Maybe two letters, ‘J’ and ‘BB’. Are they two letters?” While the J can be associated with JJ Abrams as director of The Rise of Skywalker (and therefore partly responsible for the failure of the film with Goyer), the two Bs could refer to the adorable BB8…or, why not, to the BB of Death Strandingthe video game Hideo Kojima where Del Toro had a main character and a great relationship with this kind of magical fetus. But it’s still a long shot.

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