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This was iTunes, the first Apple music application that disappeared in 2023

After 22 years, the company’s first music platform will be replaced by Apple Music (Photo: Special)

This year officially the music store of Manzana, itunes ceased to exist to make way for the application of Apple Music, which will stop competing in the same product category as it also has support for downloading music without Connection Like other platforms like Spotify either Deezer.

Even the music app for mobile devices windows will become Music instead of the already disappeared ituneswhich is no longer recommended by Manzana as the application of music. Now users will not buy songs as determined on this platform, but instead pay a subscription for accessing qualities of Audio upgrades, offline access, and other features that complement an Internet service. I pay regular monthly or yearly.

More than 22 years in operation

Apple introduced the platform itunes officially on January 9, 2001 during the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco as the software “World’s Easiest to Use” Music Reproduction System, highlighting the possibility given to users of “import songs from your CDcompress them in format MP3 and store them on the hard drive of the computer”, since at that time the platforms did not yet exist subscriptionthe legal download of music through a purchase was the most appropriate option at that moment in the history of the company.

The first iPod had access to the iTunes service to legally download songs to Apple portable devices.  (Photo: Apple)
The first iPod had access to the iTunes service to legally download songs to Apple portable devices. (Photo: Apple)

However, the arrival of itunes also presented the need to transport music to other environments, for which reason in October 2001 the Cupertino company announced the launch of the first iPodin addition to the second version of iTunes (iTunes 2), which would be focused on offering its services adapted to this new device, and add functions additional as a equalizer and the transition between the reproduction of the songs.

According to him CEO of Manzana During those years, Steve Jobs, the application of itunes had the objective of “revolutionizing the way in which music is listened to”, since it eliminated the complexity that transporting music to other places away from home in years in which large devices were used that did not fit in the pocket or that required the transport of CD to keep listening more music.

Unlike regular services at the time, iTunes 1 offered “up to 10 hours of music on a single disc”, according to the publication made in the Web page official of Manzana which collects past presentations and announcements made by the company.

itunes app
itunes app

Apple Music improvements

Because the application of music it will be Apple Music From now on, the company’s development team is including more and better features including a “karaoke mode” showing the letter of the songs on the screen of the devices, be they cell phones either computers.

“We already know that our users from all over the world love to follow their songs favourites, so we wanted to develop this offer further to enable more engagement around music through the singing. It’s really a lot of fun, to our customers they’re going to love it,” said Oliver Schusser, vice president of the application.

Access to this function It is free, so no additional subscription is needed and it integrates with the current platform through a update so that they are the users those who choose the moment they want to use it.

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